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205 VIBE™


The 205 VIBE™ was created to share the amazing things happening in Rockford Public Schools. The 205 VIBE publishes firsthand stories from district staff, students and community members who support RPS 205. 

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Latest Blog Post

treble clef
Hillary Cook-Harris

Young children and music are natural partners. Activities that incorporate music and movement stimulate the brain and improve coordination.

Latest Podcast

Photo of Jeanine Shumaker, Michele Irlacher and Beth Conkling.
Earl Dotson Jr.

Hear candid conversation about remote teaching in RPS 205: “There is messiness to it. And it is hard. It’s hard to see what my kids are working on. But if you look at all of those negatives, and you don’t focus on what you can do, and what you’re going to do and what you’d like to do, and what the kids are able to do, then you’re going to be stuck in the messy.”

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