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Latest Blog Posts

Remote Learning student at home
  • Elementary School
Gracie Caltagerone

The 2020-2021 academic year began with many uncertainties for our full-time remote students, families and staff. We all wondered, how will remote learning work?

  • Cherry Valley Elementary School
  • Educator News
  • Remote Learning
Academic Return on Investment graphic
  • A Message from Dr. Jarrett
Superintendent Dr. Ehren Jarrett

As we strive to improve student outcomes, the most significant investment we can make is in our faculty and staff. However, we must ensure dollars spent in other academic areas have the largest possible impact.

  • Academic Return on Investment
Ms. Nicosia's daughter waiting for the bus
  • Educator
Jill Nicosia

The past year has been a year of adaptability and perseverance both in my career as an educator and as a parent.

  • Family & Friends
Ms. Ruggerio working with students via screenshare
  • High School
Marianna Ruggerio

As I begin to wrap up all of the loose ends before winter break, I cannot help but pause for a moment to reflect on my experience during this adaptive pause.

  • Auburn High School
  • Educator News
  • Remote Learning