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A behind the scenes look at job shadowing in the RPS 205 IT Department

IT Job Shadow

During our department job shadow event, we provided the students with an insightful journey through our technicians' backgrounds and experiences within the district. We shared valuable insights into our evolution in the field of IT, emphasizing the diverse roles we have undertaken over the years.

We delved into the intricacies of the systems we employ to execute our tasks and safeguard the network. Through illustrative examples, we explained the functionality of these systems, outlining the key parameters we continuously monitor. Additionally, we offered a glimpse into recent and upcoming projects we’ve been involved in.

Let's begin with the basics! Imagine a server as a super-smart computer that stores and manages data, serving it up whenever it's needed. It acts as the bustling hub of information in the digital world!

Next, let's explore virtualization! Picture virtualization as a magical trick that enables you to run multiple virtual computers, known as virtual machines (VMs), on a single physical server. It's akin to having several mini-computers residing inside one large computer! Hypervisors act as the guardians of these VMs, ensuring they operate smoothly and securely.

Ever wondered what a server operating system looks like? Well, think of it as the brain of the server, overseeing all its tasks and functions. It serves as the control center that maintains smooth operations behind the scenes!

Now, onto a demonstration! We'll take a peek into Hyper-V Manager and Failover Cluster Manager. These superhero tools help us manage and monitor our servers and virtual machines, ensuring optimal performance and reliability!

Lastly, let's explore the VMWare environment! It's another playground for virtualization, showcasing the similarities and differences in hypervisors. Think of it as comparing different flavors of ice cream – they may look different, but they all serve the same delicious purpose!

Throughout our discussion, we delved into the exciting realm of software and hardware we engage with, including CER, CUCM, Unity, and Faxing. Not to mention the fascinating array of tools like InformaCast for communication and Axis Door Cameras for security, along with collaborative efforts with our technicians on phone systems.

We explored the symphony of bells – tones, ring lists, schedules, and messages – as well as the critical aspects of 911 alerts and eFax management using GFI and Exchange groups. Voicemail intricacies with Unity, LDAP sync with AD, and Exchange groups were also on the agenda, including call handlers and caller input setups for Helpdesk, Switchboard, and school phone menus.

And let's not forget the indispensable Jabber/Webex client for remote calling, or the vital roles assigned in UCCX/Finesse for our amazing IT Help Desk!

Furthermore, we delved into the qualifications and certifications necessary for our roles, along with entry-level positions that pave the way for growth within our organization. It's all about the journey of learning and progression!

In conclusion, we encouraged the students to share any questions or comments they may have, fostering an open dialogue and ensuring everyone's input is valued.

Information Services Dept. - Over the span of four exciting days of job shadowing, our visiting students got to meet our team and learn about our roles within the district. Each of us eagerly shared insights into what we do and how our department handles software support, integration, and management. From discussing our experiences to detailing our day-to-day responsibilities, we made sure the students got a glimpse into the world of technology and education from a variety of perspectives. It was a fun and informative exchange that helped shed light on the inner workings of our team and the district as a whole.

Security Services Dept. - During the exciting 4-day Job Shadow event, participants received an enlightening brief overview of the S2 system. The presenter demonstrated the fascinating process of programming badges, which grants staff access to specific doors within each building. With numerous departments and varying access requirements, the presenter emphasized the importance of refining access levels to precisely match staff needs.

Moreover, attendees were introduced to the EVOLV dashboard, where they learned about throughput/alarm rates. They gained insights into how the system detects potential issues and strategies to prevent false alarms. Additionally, they explored the intricacies of programming cameras, including techniques such as defining include/exclude regions. This enabled participants to fine-tune camera settings to record motion accurately while disregarding non-relevant movements, such as trees swaying in the wind.

Securatex - During four exhilarating days of job shadowing, students had the opportunity to engage in various activities. They monitored exterior cameras, witnessed visitors being signed in using Raptor, explored our daily activity report (blotter), and joined one of our engaging building tours with our tour guide. It was an enriching experience for all involved!

IT Help Desk Spotlight: Empowering Future Tech Leaders - During the week of 01/30/24 - 02/02/24, our IT Help Desk team embarked on an exceptional journey to inspire and educate the next generation of Tech Enthusiasts! Through a unique initiative, our skilled IT professionals led various student groups in hands-on experiences, from laptop repairs to observing live calls, remotely accessing computers, and engaging in insightful discussions about the thrilling world of technology and career paths.

The remarkable efforts of our IT Help Desk haven't just improved our district's laptops; they've also sparked curiosity and enthusiasm among the students. By generously sharing their expertise and experiences, our IT team members have hopefully played a pivotal role in shaping the future of these aspiring tech leaders. Hats off to our IT Help Desk for surpassing expectations, demonstrating the depth of their knowledge, and nurturing a passion for technology among our young learners. Together, we're not just resolving IT issues; we're cultivating the next generation of innovators!

The Technicians showed the Students the correct way to repair teachers laptops for classroom use. The Help Desk technicians also showed how to install batteries and WiFi chips to upgrade RAM, ensuring smooth classroom setups for our frontline educators.

Big thanks to all the Students for participating in the hands-on portion of the event! Not only did they get a taste of potential careers, but they also opened doors for future collaboration.