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My First Month in RPS 205

Laura Laumer with RPS 205 colleagues

I grew up in the Rockford area and have lived here most of my life. I attended private schools throughout my academic career and never had the opportunity to be a part of our public schools. So, when I made a career move to work for RPS 205, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I definitely had some preconceived notions, based on a history of perceived community dissatisfaction with our public schools; however, under this administration, I had noticed positive changes in the district and a feeling of growing community support. Joining the RPS 205 team seemed to be an intriguing, challenging opportunity.

As with any new job, there has been a huge learning curve. Much of the terminology, software and procedures were unfamiliar to me. There have been so many names and people to remember and people I’ve spoken to via email or on the phone who I’ve yet to meet in person. Has it been difficult? YES. There seems to be unending paperwork and processes, and things I needed to know yesterday that I am just learning about today. Sometimes the day is gone before I can even blink. But, I think that’s just part of the gig. I enjoy learning new things and meeting new people. And it’s really “the people” that prompted me to write this blog.

My first month here would have been much more overwhelming had it not been for the wonderful people I’ve encountered. From technical training, moral support, and verbal and written encouragement, to snacks, cards and flowers, I’ve been lavished with kindness and care from the day I stepped into this building. My co-workers have cheered me on my days of frustration, and they have walked beside me, offering their mental and physical assistance or listening ears, whatever I needed.

Not only have I been moved by their character, I have been impressed with their zeal for their respective responsibilities within RPS 205. The women and men I am working with are passionate about the kids and families our schools are serving. And not just the families, the teachers and staff, as well.

It’s been refreshing to be able to disprove some of my misconceptions about RPS 205 by actually getting to know the “man behind the curtain” and seeing that “he” is, simply put, good people who want – and are really trying – to do a good job and make a difference. I can now say, “I am proud to work for Rockford Public Schools,” because I know the outstanding people who are working beside me.

Laura Laumer

Laura Laumer

Laura Laumer is the executive assistant to Earl Dotson Jr., Chief Communications Officer, in Rockford Public Schools. She loves to hang out with her family and friends, eating good food, traveling and playing disc golf. Her happy place is on a beach, but any water-adjacent location is acceptable!

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