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One School, One Book, One Giant Step Toward Literacy

Brooke Imbach delivering a prize to Justin Ortell, Ashlynn Gustafson

Brooke Imbach delivers prizes to Justin Ortell (L) and Ashlynn Gustafson (R).


Kennedy Middle School recently finished its first ever One School, One Book program. All students and staff read the same book at the same time. This program builds community and increases the joy of reading through the act of shared literacy. For the first year of the program we read “Class Act” by Jerry Craft. Students and staff then had the opportunity to participate in a virtual discussion about the book in a Google Classroom. There were prizes for students at each grade level and staff for participating in the reading and discussion of the book.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Staff - Jen Onsgard
  • 6th Grade - Ashlynn Gustafson
  • 7th Grade - Justin Ortell
  • 8th Grade - Savannah Hoffman

Brooke Imbach

Brooke Imbach

Brooke Imbach is the librarian at Kennedy Middle School. She has worked in RPS 205 for six years and is proud to be a third-generation RPS 205 employee.

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