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Roosevelt Students ‘Never Cease to Amaze’

Equity team with Roosevelt students

Take a closer look at Roosevelt Community Education Center.

Roosevelt offers classes for high school students needing credits and early childhood students. The school houses a GED program and a day care for GED students with young children, in addition to Early Childhood program classes.

Welcome to Roosevelt

Students attend Roosevelt for a variety of reasons. Many seek an inclusive environment and robust social and emotional support. Others come to take advantage of the competency-based program mode, where students progress through their courses at their own pace or engage in individualized, project-based instruction based on student interests. Regardless of why students attend Roosevelt, they learn through hard work and dedication that everyone can achieve their full potential.

Student Ambassadors Showcase Their School

Rockford Public Schools Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team had the pleasure of visiting Roosevelt Community Education Center this fall. We toured the school with principal Tammy Shippert and a group of student ambassadors to learn more about Roosevelt.

The students showed how the school's Project-Based Learning Curriculum is driving academic success and creating a path for life after high school. Roosevelt students are incredibly talented, and their talents are on display in the hallways and in classrooms. Roosevelt partners with Rock Valley College to offer students 16 dual credit courses. Students who have earned college credit have their names displayed on the school’s Wall of Credits, along with a list of their completed college courses. Students also participate in work-based learning experiences through elective courses within one of 12 career pathways.

“I was able to see Roosevelt in a different light,” said Equity Coordinator Faniqua Hughes. “I was wondering why we don’t do more like this at other buildings.”

Roosevelt focuses on project-based learning, specifically through a maker space, which they incorporated in the 2020-2021 school year. You can learn more about their maker space at this link. This program is designed to tailor to each student’s individual needs.

In Roosevelt’s graphic design program, students learn to build websites and create T-shirt designs. Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer Dr. Antoine Reed was able to make T-shirts with students, and said he felt proud of the questions the students asked and the robust, meaningful conversation.

After our visit, we followed up with Krystal Scroggins, the instructional coach at Roosevelt, about her favorite thing about the tour: The question and answer session with the students. “Our students never cease to amaze me with their desire to leave not only Roosevelt a better place for students who follow them on their journey to Roosevelt, but all of Rockford Public Schools. With every opportunity for students to sit and have conversations with decision makers, student voices are heard and represented. The entire Equity department listened to our students' concerns and asked for their input for solving the problems Roosevelt students presented.”

Students in the Community

Since our visit this fall, students have helped plan and host another successful Roosevelt Family Fun Night with more than 250 community members offering games, fun, food and community resources. Students also planned Roosevelt’s booth for the 10th annual Stroll on State in downtown Rockford. Each year, students design and make ornaments, and develop a business plan for the event. Roosevelt has participated in every Stroll on State with a booth selling hot cocoa and other items made by Roosevelt students.

Thank you, Roosevelt, for your great hospitality! We look forward to visiting again.

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Rockford Public Schools Equity Department

The RPS 205 Equity Department's mission is to address systems that create inequities for students and staff across Rockford Public Schools.

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