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We Want Your Stories for the 205 VIBE!

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We’re back – LIVE on the 205 VIBE! We want your stories for the Rockford Public Schools multimedia platform, the 205 VIBE!
The 205 VIBE™ was created to share the amazing things happening in Rockford Public Schools. The 205 VIBE publishes firsthand stories from district staff, students and community members who support RPS 205. Check out the blog, podcast, news and videos and take a closer look at Rockford Public Schools. 


Bloggers receive 205 VIBE swag.

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Bloggers receive a 205 VIBE T-shirt after submitting their first post!


205 VIBE swag: cup, padfolio & pin

Additional blog post submissions mean additional swag: a travel mug, a padfolio or a 205 VIBE lapel pin for your lanyard!


205 VIBE headphones

In June we will give away these limited edition 205 VIBE Enyo Bluetooth Headphones to the top three bloggers!

The adjustable headphones have a built-in mic to easily switch from music to calls. They offer up to eight hours of continuous play and work up to 33’ from your device.


What’s your VIBE? Tell us in a blog post! Check out the blog categories below for story ideas!

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Educator News

Find stories about teaching and learning from our outstanding teachers and staff. Here’s an example from Auburn High School physics instructor Marianna Ruggerio: Three Bright Spots of Remote Teaching. Her blog post earned an Excellence Award in publications and digital media from the National School Public Relations Association! Here are some ideas to get started: 

  • Share a story of a classroom activity your students found engaging. How can other teachers or staff replicate this in their classroom or school?
  • Compare your first year of teaching to today. How have things changed?
  • Describe a student’s a-ha moment and why that particular moment was meaningful to you. 


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Student Voices

We say it all the time: Our kids rock. Find stories from our students and read about their experiences firsthand. Check out these prompts to start writing: 

  • Reflect on your time as a student so far in RPS 205. How have things changed? What do you wish people in the Rockford community knew about being a student today?
  • What are you proud of? Have you overcome any personal challenges as a student? Have any classmates, teachers or staff supported you or inspired you? 
  • What is your favorite part of the school day? This could be a class, an experience, or even seeing a teacher or classmate. 


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Beyond the Classroom

So many experiences in Rockford Public Schools happen outside the classroom. Find stories about what happens on the field or court, in the concert hall or studio, and before or after school. Some ideas: 

  • Why do you play a sport or participate in an activity? What has been the best part about your event/season/year so far?
  • Showcase a piece of art or a performance you created – and tell us what it means and why it’s important to you. 
  • Tell us about an RPS 205 coach or club sponsor who has impacted your life and what they mean to you. 


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Behind the Scenes

Discover stories and experiences from RPS 205 staff. For example, this blog post from Kennedy Middle School parent liaisons Stefan Miller and Virgil Hobson about working to reopen Kennedy’s swimming pool for Kennedy students. We want to hear more! 

  • What is something you or your department has done to help support RPS 205 students?
  • Where does your passion for serving students come from?
  • Who – or what – inspires you?


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Staff, teachers and students are acknowledged for the difference they make in RPS 205 and the community. Submit a short blog post to recognize a colleague or a student who has gone above and beyond – and share what that means to you or your school community. You can also recognize a community organization that has partnered with your school or department to support students and staff. Here’s an example from Ellis Elementary School that recognizes bilingual music specialist Maribel Mendez.


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Family & Friends

Explore district stories from parents, community partners and RPS 205 graduates. We love hearing from RPS 205 alumni, like Jefferson High School alumnus Gerardo Castillo, who attended Harvard University after his 2014 graduation and now teaches middle school in Oklahoma City, Okla


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Super's Update

Look for messages from Superintendent Ehren Jarrett under Super’s Update! Find blog posts, news, and videos that not only tell RPS 205 stories, but share some insight on administrative decisions.


If you have ideas you want to share, topics you want to read more about or you’re not sure where to start, please reach out!



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RPS 205 Communications Department

The RPS 205 Communications Department is responsible for writing news releases, facilitating media requests, marketing support, managing the district's social media accounts and website, and maintaining the 205 VIBE™. The team also manages Let’s Talk!, a two-way communication platform for questions, comments, suggestions, concerns or compliments. The team showcases RPS 205 students, staff, programs and alumni through storytelling with photos and videos.

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