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2021 Virtual Fine Arts Hall of Fame

Every year, All-City Fine Arts Week concludes by celebrating the year’s Fine Arts Hall of Fame inductees. Like the other events, the awards ceremony is a virtual event.

Another part of the annual awards ceremony is an auction – this year online: The auction runs March 12-14. All proceeds go to the Rockford Fine Arts Coalition which provides supplemental fine arts education funding to RPS 205 students.

Congratulations to the 2021 inductees:

  • Valerie Brandt-Soetermans is an accomplished performer. A Jefferson High School graduate, Brandt-Soetermans received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in musical theatre and dance at Millikin University. She has performed in numerous music videos and concerts and has taught dance and choreography for nearly 20 years.
  • Nathan Alan Davis is an Auburn High School graduate and gifted writer. His plays include “Nat Turner in Jerusalem,” “Dontrell Who Kissed the Sea,” and “The Wind and the Breeze.” He has won several awards for his accomplishments.
  • E. Faye Butler is an accomplished and esteemed performer. An Auburn High School graduate, Butler received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in acting and theatre from Illinois State University and the Goodman School of Drama. She has performed in several Broadway national tours and has received numerous awards for her work.
  • Beth Rydberg had a 33-year teaching career, with the last 18 teaching art at Bloom Elementary School. She is remembered for her passion and dedication to teaching and the arts, and for her ability to excite and inspire students. Rydberg was a member of the Golden Apple Foundation and was a 2003 recipient of the Golden Apple Award.
  • Jill Heinke Moen is an Auburn High School graduate who has a passion and talent for music and an extensive musical education. In addition to several teaching positions and private lessons, her membership of Areon Flutes in San Jose, and performances with blues-rock group The Shouting Matches, Jill also runs a rock band program for girls at Eau Claire Music School.

Jessica Poulisse bio photo

Jessica Poulisse

Jessica Poulisse is the Fine Arts Support Specialist for RPS 205. She graduated from North Park University with her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, and is a 2015 East High School graduate.

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