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2023 Fine Arts Hall of Fame: Bun E. Carlos

Bun E. Carlos

The RPS 205 Fine Arts Department is proud to announce our fourth and final 2023 Fine Arts Hall of Fame inductee: Bun E. Carlos.

Carlos grew up in Rockford, where he attended Lincoln Middle School and graduated from Guilford High School. He was the original drummer for the Rockford-founded rock band Cheap Trick, which formed in 1973 with guitarist Rick Nielsen, bassist Tom Petersson and lead vocalist Robin Zander. He remained with the band until 2010, and he has performed with Cheap Trick across the world.

Carlos was inducted into the 2016 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with Cheap Trick.

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The annual event recognizes former RPS 205 students who went on to achieve tremendous success in their arts field, or arts educators or advocates who have made a valuable impact on the arts. Join us April 21 as we celebrate at the seventh annual Fine Arts Hall of Fame awards.

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This blog post is part of a series celebrating the 2023 Fine Arts Hall of Fame inductees in Rockford Public Schools.

Simon Davis

Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the Fine Arts Support Professional for Rockford Public Schools.

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