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Bots Battle for Best in Show

Battle of the Bots

On Tuesday, March 5th, students enrolled in Principles of Engineering participated in Bot Blitz. The event was a competition between teams of students who built and programmed robots to pick up wiffle golf balls and place them in buckets. Students also programmed autonomous robots for competition. Students participated to win first, second, or third place, based on a combination of scores from three rounds of battle. An award was also given to "best in show" for students who demonstrated to community members how their robot was designed and what they learned through the engineering design process. East students won best in show, first, and third place, with Guilford taking second.

Headshot of Bridget French

Bridget French is the Rockford Public Schools Executive Director of College and Career Readiness, overseeing high school Academies. Prior to working with RPS 205, Bridget was the Executive Director of Alignment Rockford, a nonprofit that connects community to serve our schools.