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NPR Highlights Auburn Students’ Art Project

cover art by Antione Hagler

Cover art by Auburn High School student Antione Hagler.

“Pitter Patter” is an experimental album produced by Auburn High School’s Studio 2 Art class, Auburn art teacher Jason Judd, and Chicago-based sound and visual artist Allen Moore. Developed by Allen Moore and Mr. Judd, this project afforded remote students the opportunity to learn how to produce an experimental, multi-faceted art piece.

During the project each student produced an original haiku which was used as inspiration to create a simple, high-contrast drawing to illustrate the poem. Students then used their drawing as an experimental musical score by using a web-based synthesizer instrument called PIXELSYNTH. The synthesizer reads white areas of the drawing as notes/tones and the black or dark areas as silence. The synthesizer allowed students to upload their high-contrast drawing into the program and play the drawing. The students had control over the number of notes and the scale that the drawing was read or played in.

Individually, the result is a dynamic piece of art that can be experienced through reading, watching and listening. Collectively, the class experimental album shows the power of collaboration, virtual connection and experimental learning in a global pandemic.

Learn more about the project on NPR

Jessica Poulisse bio photo

Jessica Poulisse

Jessica Poulisse is the Fine Arts Support Specialist for RPS 205. She graduated from North Park University with her Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, and is a 2015 East High School graduate.

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