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RPS 205 Secondary Theatre Showcase

Even though middle and high school theatre students in RPS 205 may not have had traditional opportunities this year, we have been working on curriculum, production and presentation both in and out of the classroom!

Please enjoy this collection of performances, production photos and classroom work from our current graduating seniors and eighth graders who will be welcomed into our high school halls later this year!

Congratulations to the 2021 seniors and all they have accomplished during this unprecedented year.  Many of these students found themselves through performing arts, and it is wonderful that they have the opportunity to share their talent with Rockford.   
-Amanda Ellis, Theatre, Jefferson High School

In and out of the classroom, our remarkable seniors have continued to create and perform despite the hardships of their final year. It is truly a joy and honor to share their work and talents. 
-Ana Weickert, Theatre, Auburn High School

The RPS 205 Performing Arts class of 2021 is so talented and resilient. They have persevered to refine their craft and found joy in the challenge. Please enjoy this showcase as proof of the fruits of their labor!
-Melissa Wolf, Theatre - Guilford High School

Melissa Wolf

Melissa Wolf

Melissa Wolf teaches theatre arts at Guilford High School where she is also the Business Academy teacher lead and curriculum implementation leader for RPS 205 secondary theatre arts.

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