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West Middle School CAPA Dancers Win Rockford Dance Company Scholarships

CAPA students awarded scholarship

Four West Middle School students in the Creative and Performing Arts Academy (CAPA) were awarded the first ever Ella Lakey Scholarship for CAPA students from the Rockford Dance Company. Ella Lakey was a CAPA student and danced at the Rockford Dance Company (RDC). Ella wanted to give back and share this positive experience with other CAPA students.  

Congratulations to Raine Castleman, Jaela Dach-Henson, Alexa Lopez and Linnea Peterson. The CAPA students completed a formal application and a live audition to be considered for the scholarship. Raine, Jaela, Alexa and Linnea said they felt better prepared for the live audition since they began ballet class in CAPA.  

The scholarship winners receive free dance classes at RDC for the rest of the school year. Raine, Jaela, Alexa and Linnea are currently taking ballet, modern, jazz and character classes twice a week in the evenings. Sometimes they join a class with RDC members. The students feel like they are learning a lot and it certainly shows up in their CAPA dance classes! Congratulations!  

Kim McLaughlin

Kim McLaughlin

Kim McLaughlin is the new CAPA Dance teacher at West Middle School and is honored to be part of the CAPA team. Kim has been an educator for 22 years and says it is her dream job. She is happy for the opportunity to use both her dance and teaching degrees in one role. Last year Kim was the assistant principal at Spring Creek Elementary School.

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