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Educator News

Raeanna Tremethick and Emma Carmona
Douglas McArthur

Two Jefferson High School students, Emma Carmona and Raeanna Tremethick, represented the northern region in the National Poetry Out Loud competition this week.

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Ms. Ruggerio working with students via screenshare
Marianna Ruggerio

As I begin to wrap up all of the loose ends before winter break, I cannot help but pause for a moment to reflect on my experience during this adaptive pause.

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Bears Fit Youth Challenge graphic
Anthony Stone

This school year is not what any of us – teachers or students – would call normal. That is why it is even more important to connect and encourage fun whenever possible.

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Pennies for Peace jar
Candice Collins

Through our school's Stampede-a-Thon and a Pennies for Peace collection, our PTC wanted to dedicate $3,385.63 of the total amount collected to a community cause.

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Carlson staff in the gym
Kristina Miller

​Carlson Elementary School chooses a new slogan for their staff T-shirts every year, but this year felt different. Two years ago we believed in the power of yet.

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