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Educator News

Tim Atwell at Delicious Ink Tattoo parlor
Reid Jutras

The goal of the annual RPS 205 Academy Expo is to bring in new organizations and businesses to support students' career exploration. One of the areas we typically struggle with is smaller, locally owned businesses.

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Students presenting virtually
Marianna Ruggerio

The Illinois Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers (ISAAPT) recently hosted their fall meeting over two days. The meeting was once again held virtually because of the pandemic, which offered the exciting opportunity for my seniors at Auburn High School to attend.

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Photo of three students
Kelley Roganowicz

At Camp No Other Future Like Yours at Cherry Valley Elementary School, we saw more than just academic growth in our students. We saw social growth too – and we’re excited to see how it prepares students for this next school year!

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Image of Hometown Award Sign
Chris Magee

There’s a new sign in front of Guilford High School that celebrates Guilford’s partnership with the Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity. I want our community to know the story behind the sign – what it means to our students, our school and our community, and whose hard work is behind it.

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My Hero is 6-Year-Old Amazing Aliyah
Jaime Doubek

Everyone has a hero, someone they look up to and strive to become like them. ... My hero is Aliyah Garcia, a 6-year-old girl who just finished kindergarten in my class at Hillman Elementary School.