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Community Support Makes a Positive Difference at Lathrop Elementary School

community members at the front of the classroom

Lathrop Elementary School's Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program recently received a prize donation from two local companies and a community member. Prizes were donated by CQ+ Manufacturing Group LLC. My husband Miguel Lobato who is an independent contractor with Gambino Realtors also donated prizes, and Gambino Realtors matched his donation! 

Lathrop students earned paw prints – like tickets or coupons – for positive behavior and entered them into a drawing to win two tablets, gigantic pop it sensory toys, and other prizes as a part of their virtual positive behavior celebration for the first trimester. 

“The kids were so excited to be working towards such great prizes,” said Mayra Rodriguez, Lathrop teacher and event organizer. “It really helped motivate them to do their best!" 

Lathrop sends a big shoutout to CQ+ Manufacturing Group LLC, Gambino Realtors and Miguel Lobato for supporting our students!

Kristine Lobato

Kristine Lobato

Kristine Lobato is the instructional coach at Lathrop Elementary School and a member of Lathrop’s Positive Behavior Support committee.

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