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Jefferson High School Seniors Celebrated at Annual Military Signing Night

students at Jefferson Military Night

Jefferson High School students were recently celebrated at the Jefferson’s annual military signing night.

It was an opportunity for parents, friends, staff and students to take pictures and show support for our graduating seniors who enlisted into one of the military branches. 

I am thankful for my time in the military. I remember the skills and character I developed when I served in the U.S. Army. I know the experiences I had during my enlisted years cannot be gained anywhere other than in the military. Military members of all branches have a common camaraderie that is hard to explain to those who are outside the ranks. I feel that the work I am doing to plan and organize this yearly event was done for a brother or sister in arms. It is an honor for me to plan it for them and their families.

I started putting together this event about five years ago after watching a couple students commit to play sports at different colleges. I wondered why we made a big deal for the kids going to play sports, but not for the kids who were volunteering to serve our country and help promote our freedom around the world. So, I organized this military signing event to mirror an athletic signing event.

Our students are serving on all the continents on Earth and are actively involved in making this a better, more secure world. This is just one more example of the high quality of students we are producing at Jefferson High School and Rockford Public Schools.

Congratulations to the students who participated in the signing ceremony:   

Army or Army Reserves 

Dalton Fuller 

Nasiryah Gregg ​ 

Orion Risky 

Katherine Sanchez-Diaz 

Illinois National Guard 

Ethan Hawkins 

Aaron Herrera  


Genevieve Bucherlder 

Omar Escobar 

Ramarion Glasper 

Landon Rhodes 

David Bardwell bio photo

David Bardwell

David Bardwell is a teacher at Jefferson High School and a U.S. Army veteran. 

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