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Post-graduation Plans: East Students Learn about Military Careers

Army National Guard

Spring break is usually a time when our students look to the freedom of time away from school to relax, play video games or try a new experience. At East High School, students had a sendoff into Spring break from the Illinois National Guard during career sessions on Zoom as part of their Career and Technical Education courses. Local National Guard recruiter Sgt. Oliver Prado has been active with East teachers, and we welcome him with open arms. I worked with teachers and Sgt. Prado to offer eight career talks on a host of jobs in the military. Counselors, emergency medical technicians (EMT), building trades and ballistics engineers paired with classroom teachers in their field to present to students and give them the ability to connect with recruiters and think about careers that may not be traditionally considered in the military. Whether our students want to serve our country, go to college or start in the workforce after graduation, this partnership gives them more options to consider a career.

Our goal next year is to connect students with military personnel to help expand the Information Technology pathway. IT and Cyber Peacekeeping in military cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing careers in the world. We want to be cutting edge at RPS 205 to ensure our students have an edge when they enter the workforce, and Information Technology is no different.

William Rose headshot

Bill Rose

Bill Rose is the College and Career Academy Coach at East High school. Bill has 13 years of experience in education, working with Alignment Rockford, City of Rockford, non-profit organizations, trades organizations, colleges and businesses to connect our kids to the community.

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