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RPS 205 Alumni Spread Holiday Cheer at Barbour

Barbour students holding gifts, with alumni

The week before winter break, a former Two-Way Language Immersion at Barbour student contacted our building to help spread holiday cheer in our school.

Emilio Brito graduated from RPS 205 and now works in construction with his brother Jeffrey (also a former Barbour student).

As a young student, the Brito Family benefited from community organizations and school resources to help navigate the holidays and put presents under their Christmas tree. Emilio Brito remembers how special those moments were for him, and how grateful he was for the people who made it happen. He wanted to help put some holiday cheer into the lives of our young students.

Brito and his brother brought more than 30 presents to our students at Barbour. It was a magical moment for our students and staff. Thank you, Emilio, for your generosity and kindness!

Emily Rehfeldt headshot

Emily Rehfeldt

Emily Rehfeldt has worked at RPS 205 for 10 years. She is in her fourth year as the counselor at Two-Way Language Immersion at Barbour.

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