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Surprise Spring: Jefferson Manufacturing Students Create Flower Garden

metal flowers, students in front of Jefferson

Before winter break, Jefferson High School seniors enrolled in the Machine Tool II course completed their Secret Senior Project with a little help from some Jefferson juniors.

They manufactured 40 metal flowers and put them on display in front of Jefferson. The process involved plasma cutting, welding, machining, painting, and assembly, as well as designing and developing a process to complete the project within three weeks.

This was our first year completing a secret end-of-semester senior project. We surprised our principal with the manufactured flowers after completing the project.

Here’s what some of my students shared about their experience with the project:

I have enjoyed this flower project compared to some other projects, because I've advanced my skills on the plasma cutter. The only thing I disliked about this project is the deburring process. I know it's part of the job, but I feel like there should be a way to speed up the deburring process.

Jose Guzman

I thought the flower project was actually fun. My favorite part was spray painting and setting the flower in front of the school.

Skylar Larson

I thought the project was decent. I got to sand and grind the pieces for the flower. Overall, it was a cool project.

Kane Vongkingkeo

The flower project was good, as we had learned to use the plasma cutter and welded more than normal. We used everything we learned to design the flower and create the process.

Jayden Chanthayod

The project was cool. I liked being able to spray paint the flowers. My favorite part was learning how to use the plasma cutter. I also got to thread the stem of the flower, which took a while, but I learned new things and that was a nice experience.

Cynthia Tapia

We took the flowers down and cleaned them up after winter break. Students have the option to take them home, or staff can purchase the flowers.

head with headphones

Dutch Hinck

Dutch Hinck is a manufacturing instructor at Jefferson High School.

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