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Week of the Young Child: Work Together Wednesday

students building blocks

​Today’s Week of the Young Child theme is Work Together Wednesday. The relationships children have with adults and caregivers help to form who they will become. It is important to take time to build those positive relationships so that children know that you will be their support during easy and difficult times. Today’s activities provide opportunities for working together and strengthening those relationships.

Young children are constantly learning through their daily interactions with materials and people around them. While your children are at home, you can incorporate learning into your routines. Here are a few ideas to create learning experiences within your daily routines:

  • Math: Have your child assist you in matching pairs of socks or shoes. Count the number of socks or shoes. Describe how the socks or shoes are the same and different (size, color, prints). Measure your floor using socks or shoes.
  • Literacy: Create a shopping list together. Your child can draw pictures or write letters. Have your child add items to the list by copying the name off of the packages in your cupboards, look for letters, numbers, colors and shapes on packages of food you have at home.
  • Science: Have your child help wash the dishes, and ask them if the items will sink or float. Have your child pour water from one container to another predicting how full the container will become.

These are only a few ideas. Just be sure to have fun together!

This blog post is part of a series celebrating the Week of the Young Child. The WOYC is an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children to focus public attention on early learning, young children, their teachers, families and communities.

Hillary Cook-Harris

Hillary Cook-Harris is the Director of Early Childhood Curriculum and Assessment. She joined RPS 205 in November 2019 after relocating from Michigan.

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