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Congratulations to Matt Green, Golden Apple Award Recipient and Roosevelt English Teacher!

Matt Green, Golden Apple Award Recipient and Roosevelt English Teacher

It’s fantastic to acknowledge people when they pour their heart and soul into something.

That’s why it is such a great honor for Matt Green to be recognized this year with the Golden Apple Award.  

The Golden Apple Award recognizes teachers for excellence in teaching and demonstrating their passion for supporting students. I know firsthand that Mr. Green is a talented and dedicated teacher who passionately serves his students at Roosevelt Community Education Center. His forte is helping students develop their voice in writing. He pushes students to hone their voices to flourish both personally and as citizens of a community.  

Roosevelt is an alternative high school specifically designed for students who need a second chance. At Roosevelt, quality is the rule – not the exception. Quality faculty and staff work tirelessly to help students succeed. Many Roosevelt students develop their grit and determination to finish their degree with their teachers’ support. 

Connection is an important theme in his class, and Mr. Green encourages students to connect with themselves, with each other in the classroom, with other students in the building, and with the community at large. He does a phenomenal job working with students across the academic spectrum, from remedial to highly skilled. He can deftly adapt assignments for students who struggle to read, and then turn to help a student who might be working on college-level work. No matter the level, Mr. Green can design a curriculum that meets the students where they are, then push them to achieve more.  

While no teacher works in their role for recognition or awards, it’s exciting to see the Golden Apple Foundation recognize excellence and Mr. Green’s hard work. Roosevelt is a great place to be for both students and staff, and we are all thrilled to celebrate him. Brian Hierstein, a fellow Roosevelt teacher and the 2022 Rockford Area Arts Educator of the Year award winner created a Golden Pineapple for Mr. Green. It included cards and inspiring words of thanks and appreciation from students and staff – a special way to keep him grounded and remind him of the people and opinions that are his support base.  

If you see Mr. Green, please congratulate him! He is an exceptional teacher, colleague and loyal family man. His passion and dedication are inspiring, and he is truly deserving of this award. 

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Roxann Garner

Roxann Garner is a teacher at Roosevelt Community Education Center. 

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