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Ellis Elementary Celebrates National Hispanic Heritage Month through Music

Ms. Maribel Mendez is a Puerto Rican, bilingual music specialist with more than 21 years of experience in music education. Ms. Mendez has been teaching at Ellis Elementary School the past four years. Over the past month she has been celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with her students, teaching them words and songs in Spanish! I was able to witness her love for her students and passion for her culture firsthand when I visited Ellis during one of her events. Students are learning and thriving! 

Thank you, Ms. Mendez for providing educational and enriching experiences that will impact learning for a lifetime!

Ruth Sanchez

Ruth Sanchez

Ruth Sanchez has worked at Rockford Public Schools for five years and in education for more than 20 years. During her first two years at RPS 205, she worked at Nelson Elementary School as a fourth-grade bilingual teacher. For the past three years Ruth has worked as an administrator in the RPS 205 Bilingual Department.

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