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Fairview Early Childhood Center Honors 2020 Retirees

Fairview Early Childhood Center Retiree

​The end of the school year is always an emotional time, but even more so for those retiring during this historical pandemic. Fairview teachers Sylvia Candelaria and Gloria Petty both experienced many emotions as they retired this school year. Both teachers agreed that the most difficult part was not being able to say their goodbyes traditionally to students. 

Ms. Sylvia has taught in a bilingual classroom, showing everyone at Fairview the beauty of cultural diversity. It was great to see Sylvia's students and their families partake in many events that honored Hispanic traditions. 

Ms. Gloria's career in early childhood education provided her the opportunity to work in many RPS 205 schools over the years. Gloria has always been a voice for young children, families and teachers. 

Fairview staff also thanks both Sylvia and Gloria for their dedicated work in the Rockford Education Association. 

We also want to honor retiree Jane Sudderberg, a speech-language pathologist who has spent the last 15 years doing extraordinary work with children at Fairview. 

We wish Sylvia, Gloria and Jane the very best with all of their adventures in retirement!

Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith is a teacher at Fairview Early Childhood Center. She enjoys helping her students succeed in all developmental areas while working closely with their families to make positive achievements happen.

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