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Hispanic Heritage Month Shoutout: Griselda Mendoza, Guilford Boys Varsity Soccer Coach

Guilford Boys Varsity Soccer Team, Griselda Mendoza

I moved to Rockford 35 years ago from Mexico City and have seen great progress within our Hispanic community.

I feel honored to know Griselda Mendoza, the Guilford High School Boys Varsity Soccer Coach, and I have known her since she was just a little kid.

Griselda is Mexican-American and was born in Colima, Colima, Mexico. She graduated from Guilford High School in 2008 and earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education with an emphasis in sports management and a minor in business administration. She also holds a master’s degree in education.

In addition to being a Guilford soccer coach, Griselda is a physical education teacher at Jefferson High School, an emergency tech at SwedishAmerican Hospital, a Shadow Premier FC soccer coach, and a wonderful wife and mother.

I am honored to call Griselda a colleague, because I know she is an inspiration to our students and a great asset to our community! On Oct. 11 she proved to be an amazing coach who has faith in our players. She coached them to a NIC-10 Conference victory, 3-2, against the Boylan Catholic High School boys varsity soccer team.

Here’s what Griselda shared about coaching the Guilford soccer team:

If I’m correct, I am the first Hispanic female head coach for a boys varsity soccer program! This is definitely breaking barriers not only in the Hispanic culture, but also in a male-dominated sport.

I am inspired by Griselda’s passion for sports, especially soccer. She has always advised my son Jesús Medrano Jr. on how to become a better player. This is her first year coaching him, and she has helped him improve his on-field confidence. Thank you, Coach Mendoza!

Jimena Medrano

Jimena Medrano

Jimena Medrano is a third grade bilingual teacher at Washington Elementary School.

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