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'Honored to be Tutoring at Jefferson High School'

Maria Cebrion

This is my second year working in Rockford Public Schools. Last year I worked as an ESL (English as a second language) tutor at Spring Creek Elementary School, and it was so extraordinary. Elementary school teachers are real heroes, courageously radiating joy, hope and encouragement to each of the students in these stressful times.  

After 38 years as a biochemistry professor at Beloit College, I spent this summer studying Spanish. However I had no idea what Jefferson would be like, as I was told I would help Spanish-speaking students at Jefferson High School learn biology, chemistry, physics and math. What a wonderful experience it has been!  

My initial job is to assist Maria Cebrion, a new science teacher who recently arrived from Spain. She teaches a full day of science classes entirely in Spanish, and the other Jefferson teachers are supporting her transition to Jefferson. The teachers here make up a wonderful team. The first weeks of school included lots of adjustments for everyone. Her students participated in small group discussions, interviewed each other, and presented each other to the class. Among more than 100 students in her classes, 9th through 12th graders, students are attentive, respectful and cheerful.  

I am honored to be tutoring at Jefferson High School.  

Roc Ordman Bio Photo

Roc Ordman

Roc Ordman is a professor emeritus of biochemistry at Beloit College, who retired at 68. He studied nutrition and health span for his research career. Roc is a tutor at Jefferson High School, teaching science to Spanish speaking students.

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