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Principals’ Leadership & Positive Attitude Makes the Difference

Thank you Principals

To our RPS 205 Principals and Assistant Principals for National Principals Month: 

We want to share our sincerest ‘thank you.’ It has not been an easy transition for anyone this school year, but your leadership and positive attitude has made the difference. Your constant dedication to keeping parents updated and informed, commitment to students, and support of your faculty and staff shows. 

Principals are among the hardest working, and often least recognized individuals in education. 

You set the academic tone for your schools; it is your vision and determination that provide the impetus for achieving student success. We have watched you through 12-hour work days, driving to student and teacher homes to connect, and putting yourselves on the front lines of any issue, large or small, to do what is best for students. 

We see you. 

Courageous leadership is required to help educate our students, especially this year. This occasion allows our team to publicly recognize the work, commitment, and importance of principals and assistant principals in RPS 205. We encourage all students, teachers, parents, and community members to show their appreciation and acknowledge the leadership of building administrators this year. Through your leadership, we will get through this challenging year and emerge with new understandings and new challenges. We cannot do this without you.

You make a difference. You are appreciated.

Thank you, 

Matt Vosberg, Deputy Superintendent 

Joyann Kirschbaum, Executive Director of Elementary Schools 

Heather Psaltis, Executive Director of Schools & Special Programs 

Maurice Davis, Executive Director of Schools 

Susan Fumo, Executive Director of School Improvement

Matt, Joyann, Heather, Maurice, Susan

RPS 205 Schools Team

The RPS 205 Schools Team supports and supervises the district’s schools from Early Childhood through High School. The team feels lucky to work with amazing and dedicated leaders.

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