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Rockford is Lucky to Have Mr. Gagliano for 50 Years

McIntosh Elementary School Principal Alfonso Gagliano

McIntosh Elementary School Principal Alfonso Gagliano will retire at the end of this school year after a 50-year career with Rockford Public Schools.

Good people – excellent, dedicated, wonderful people – retire each year at the end of a long career in Rockford Public Schools. But it’s not as often that someone leaves Rockford Public Schools after spending a full 50 years working in the district.

Mr. Gagliano was hired in 1971 to teach at Lincoln Park Elementary School. He spent time teaching at Alpine Elementary School and Jackson Elementary School before becoming an Assistant Principal at McIntosh Elementary School in 1994. After two years as an AP, he moved to lead Kishwaukee Elementary School as principal in 1996, before returning to McIntosh in 2010. That’s where he’s been for the last 10+ years, and it’s the school where he’ll retire.

One of my colleagues shared this about Mr. G. and his tenure in Rockford Public Schools:

"At each school, Mr. G. created a mutual environment of respect and caring. Mr. G. has given his heart and his time. He offered his support to parents and staff with an open door. He visits every classroom every day. He knows the kids by name, and they know him. He is their principal in every respect. He shows them consistency and love."

Several McIntosh staff members have worked with Mr. G. 10 years or more, and many have moved with him as he transitioned to a new school.

"He encouraged and fostered our effective teaching methods to strive to reach low-achieving students and pushed for high academic achievement for all the students at his school. Most importantly, he continually challenged us as educators to persevere. As he often says, ‘If something isn’t working, we will try again a different way.’ … Rockford is lucky to have had this type of educator."

Help us celebrate Mr. Gagliano at a retirement open house between 2:30 and 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, June 2, in the McIntosh Elementary School gymnasium, 525 N. Pierpont Ave.

Laura Zarembski

Laura Zarembski

Laura Zarembski is the assistant principal at McIntosh Elementary School.

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