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RPS 205 Driver Named ‘Rookie of the Year’ in Bus Safety Competition

Rockford Public Schools bus driver Andrew Crow

Congratulations to Rockford Public Schools bus driver Andrew Crow, who took second place overall at the annual Illinois Association of Pupil Transportation’s School bus safety roadeo. Yes that’s roadeo, a statewide safety competition for bus drivers.

The annual bus safety event – held in June in Springfield – is an opportunity for drivers across the state to assess their knowledge and skills against other drivers. Drivers are tested on pre-trip protocol, behind-the-wheel skills, plus laws and regulations. The outdoor portion is held in a large parking lot with an obstacle course. Drivers are tested on straight-line driving, backing up, tail swing, diminishing clearance, offset alley and parallel parking – all measured for time and accuracy.

Mr. Crow, a first-time participant and first-year driver, was recognized as Rookie of the Year at the 2022 event, in addition to his second-place finish! He started working as a bus driver for RPS 205 in September, and this is a great accomplishment. Congratulations!

Mike Slife

Mike Slife

Mike Slife is the Executive Director of Transportation for Rockford Public Schools.

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