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Shoutout to Top 205 VIBE Student and Staff Bloggers

collage of seven top bloggers

​October will mark two years since Rockford Public Schools has used the 205 VIBE to tell its own story. We appreciate each and every one of our students, staff, community members and parents who took the time to share their experiences on the 205 VIBE podcast, video section and blog. So far we've read, watched and listened to your stories through 367 blog posts, 19 videos and 24 podcasts. Thank you for making a difference through each contribution.

I'd like to shoutout our top bloggers from last school year: Anthony Stone, Aryan Arora, Brian Weavel, Duska Booker, Gracie Caltagerone, Hillary Cook-Harris and Jeff Snedegar. Thank you for being a part of something special.

Check out the blog posts written by the top 205 VIBE bloggers:

Anthony Stone – physical education teacher, Gregory Elementary School


Aryan Arora – recent Auburn High School grad


Brian Weavel – former parent/community liaison, Lincoln Middle School


Duska Booker – first grade teacher, Riverdahl Elementary School


Gracie Caltagerone – fifth grade teacher, Cherry Valley Elementary School

Hillary Cook-Harris – Director of Early Childhood Curriculum and Assessment


Jeff Snedegar – Guilford High School senior

We'd love for you to also share your experiences with Rockford Public Schools. Follow this link to contribute.

Headshot of Earl Dotson Jr.

Earl Dotson Jr.

Mr. Dotson is the Chief Communications Officer for Rockford Public Schools. He is a U.S. Navy Veteran and served in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm. He earned his B.A. degree from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from Rockford University. Mr. Dotson holds an Accreditation in Public Relations (APR).

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