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Teachers Have Always Been Essential Workers

Happy Teacher's Day

Teachers are called "essential workers" during this ongoing pandemic and global health crisis. But to us – educators  who have collectively been in the education profession for more than 60 years – teachers have always been and always will be essential. They're essential not only for their role in education and for our students, but for dedicating themselves to making the world a better place through teaching. 

We have never been more impressed with the profession we have chosen than now, during the year of a pandemic when everything we know as educators has changed. Through it all, we have seen some of the most extraordinary acts of commitment and dedication to our students and families in Rockford Public Schools. That commitment and dedication has come from our teachers. 

Teachers went door to door, along with their administrators, to connect with students who they could not reach. 

Teachers checked on not only their students’ academic needs but also their social-emotional needs. 

Teachers spent endless hours relearning their craft. 

Teachers transformed what and how they teach to continue to provide a high-quality learning experience for their students. 

Teachers demonstrated flexibility, tenacity and collaboration, but above all a fierce passion for their students. 

Teachers showed frustration for not being able to reach every child.

Teachers showed sadness for not being able to wipe a tear, give a hug or a high five to a student in person. 

Teachers were exhausted from trying to teach themselves how to learn new material and new platforms. 

Through it all, our teachers have never wavered from their mission: Reach every child to teach every child. 

THANK YOU, Rockford Public Schools teachers. We appreciate you!

Heather Psaltis and Joyann Kirschbaum

Heather Psaltis

Heather Psaltis is the Executive Director of Schools and Special Programs at Rockford Public Schools.

Joyann Kirschbaum

Joyann Kirschbaum is the Executive Director of Elementary Schools at Rockford Public Schools.


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