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Thank You, 205 VIBE Bloggers!

Marianna Ruggerio, Simon Davis, Hillary Cook-Harris

The communications department is thankful for all the support this school year on the 205 VIBE! You shared dozens of stories this school year, like shoutouts, successes and celebrations. We also used the 205 VIBE to thank your favorite teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week – a great way to share some well-deserved kudos to our outstanding teachers!

We’ve got one more item to note before settling into summer and preparing for the 2022-23 school year: We want to celebrate our top bloggers!

These authors contributed the most this year and will each receive a pair of 205 VIBE Enyo Bluetooth headphones:


Simon Davis

Simon Davis started this year as the RPS 205 Fine Arts Support Professional in the fine arts department.

“It is an honor to be able to contribute to the community,” he wrote in his introductory blog post in March. “I am excited to help students create awesome memories within their respective disciplines and schools. I am looking forward to helping cultivate a culture of encouragement, passion and respect for our students, teachers and community.”

Since then, he shared information about our arts students and ways to view the 2022 Art Gallery Walk virtually.


Hillary Cook-Harris

Hillary Cook-Harris, the RPS 205 Director of Early Childhood Curriculum and Assessment, provided daily activities and information again this year to celebrate the Week of the Young Child. It’s become tradition for a post each day with tips and information for our littlest learners and their families. My favorite post publishes each year on Tasty Tuesday – this year’s post includes a recipe for peanut butter banana delight to make with your young learner.


Marianna Ruggerio

Marianna Ruggerio teaches physics at Auburn High School and had the most blog posts this school year! She shared stories about teaching and learning during the pandemic, Auburn students’ presentation at Fermilab’s annual Family Open House, and celebrating Auburn students named “Outstanding Physics Student of the Year” this spring.

She has used the 205 VIBE to celebrate Auburn students and colleagues at Auburn!

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories on the 205 VIBE, and special thanks to Simon, Hillary and Marianna! Look for more stories this summer and in the 2022-23 school year!


Here’s how to share your story and contribute to the 205 VIBE!

Cathy Bayer-Eberle

Cathy Bayer-Eberle

Cathy Bayer-Eberle is senior communications manager for Rockford Public Schools. She has worked in the district since 2013 and called Rockford home since 2008. She and her husband live in Rockford with their two very patient cats.

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