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Thank You, RPS 205 Elementary Teachers!

Neil Mediratta with students


Bloom Elementary School

Julia Graceffa

“This year has been a learning curve for our family entering our first year in public school. Mrs. Graceffa has gone above and beyond to make our child’s transition smooth. He enjoys learning with her and has excelled academically. We are thankful for a fun, joyful and dedicated teacher  for our son. She is truly the blessing we needed this year and could not be more thankful for her!”

-submitted by Rachel Brooks

Neil Mediratta

“I want to thank him for helping me in class. I thank you for being kind and answering my questions. Thank you for taking time out to talk to me when I’m not happy.”

-submitted by Kameron Appleton

Amie Walker

“Mrs. Walker is the best teacher ever! She is always doing awesome things for the students, and you can tell she really cares! She is always happy to help or to text if something seems off. Love her work with real-life stuff, not just an intro to learning, but an intro to life! We love you!”

-submitted by Ben Bloomfield

Savannah Zeien

“She is so kind, so smart, and I love to learn from her. She really makes learning fun, and she doesn’t let me give up when it’s too hard. We love you! Thank you, Ms. Zeien!”

-submitted by Joey Bloomfield


Brookview Elementary School

Sarah Kloweit

“She is a very special kindergarten teacher. She lets these kids have ideas. She has done so much for my son. He is learning and is excited about learning. It's so important to love school from the start. It sets a tone.”

-submitted by Lisa Bredemann

Melissa Marcon

“She is an asset to RPS 205. More importantly, she is great with the students. My student had many obstacles this year, and Ms. Marcon was up for the challenge. She continues to strive and be a supporter of his growth and proactive in his education even when he wants to give up. I cannot thank this woman enough. She gives me an update every day shortly after school is dismissed. I swear sometimes she makes me feel as if my child is her only student when I know darn well she has 25-plus. This woman needs flowers, coffee, and a spa day. I can't thank her enough. Thank you, Ms. Marcon, for being you!”

-submitted by Monique Lopez

Monica Pleshkewych

“She has gone above and beyond! Always kind and always helpful!”

-submitted by Lisa Bredemann

Lisa Thoren

“Mrs. Thoren is patient, kind and a true definition of an amazing teacher. She goes above and beyond to push and challenge the students that can handle it, while slowing down and giving extra time and patience to those students that need it. Her communication with families is so helpful. In our busy lives we need those extra reminders or here is what we are working on in class. Mrs. Thoren also takes her personal time at lunch or after school to tutor kids, and on top of all that she was the girls basketball coach. I have seen my daughter grow in many ways this year, academically and on the court, and we owe this growth to Mrs. Thoren. Thank you for going above and beyond. We truly appreciate all you do not just for Kenzie, but all your students.”

-submitted by Tracey Coffman


Cherry Valley Elementary School

Angelina Ballard

“Mrs. Ballard has saved my daughter's kindergarten experience. She came into the class, turned it in a direction to promote learning, and has resurrected the end of the school year. Not only that, but she has taken a true role in the care of my daughter to promote her excitement for learning and going to school again. Thank you!”

-submitted by Ladd Worple

Andrea Cooper

“She is an amazing kindergarten teacher. She is responsive, loving, supportive, kind, and encouraging of love and belonging behaviors amongst peers. When my son was going into Cherry Valley for his first vaccine, she came out when he was having difficulty with incredible love and encouragement. We will miss her dearly as we go off to Marshall next year.”

-submitted by Jyoti Kolodziej

“You are a special person in our life and my son’s life! Best teacher he can have. You are the brighter star in his life! Thank you for being his teacher!”

-submitted by Avymarie Ortiz

“The Moffitt family would like to thank Mrs. Cooper for finding ways to push Atticus' reading skills and continuing to harness his love for reading! We are so grateful that Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Washington worked together to have Atticus be able to do guided reading in first grade each day. Atticus LOVES going to Mrs. Washington's class for reading. :)”

-submitted by Atticus Moffitt


“Mrs. Cooper is an amazing teacher. She goes above and beyond for her students. Both of my children have been lucky enough to have her as a teacher for Kindergarten. Jameson has accomplished so many milestones and came so far this year because of her dedication to her students. She recognized the areas in which he needed extra support and advocated for him to receive the extra support in those areas inside and outside the classroom. Thank you so much Mrs. Cooper.”

-submitted by Shelby Heckelsmiller

Mandi Kuntz

“Thank you so much for the support you have given me so freely. You have made me a better teacher by giving me the tools I need and building my confidence. You are always so positive and encouraging.”

-submitted by Amanda Enser

Billi Sparacino

“Where do I start? From tears to smiles. From heartache to joy. This amazing woman has been fighting for my son alongside me, from kindergarten to now (third grade). My boy had a rough start to say the least. He's a notorious to glorious story if ever there was one. She found a way to get through to him. To center him. An accomplishment I thought to be impossible at times. She reached out to help me as well. Crying all the time wasn't helping my son. She helped raise both my son and me up🙌. She's become a friend to my family, not just a teacher. And when Olen's educational path ignites his extraordinary life full of accomplishments, I'll have Billi Sparacino to thank. She will never know how much she has done for us. For her, I will always be grateful.”

-submitted by Melissa Nowicki


Constance Lane Elementary School

Chalea Walters

“I want to thank her, because she is a kind teacher, and she made online class so much easier and more fun. She was there for everyone, and I want to thank her, because it isn't easy taking care of 20 students from different schools. I just want to say thank you for everything you've done for us.”

-submitted by Noemi Rebollar

Lindsey VandenBos

“This third grade teacher goes above and beyond for her students and other children. She's seriously so good with my daughter Ebony. I can't thank her enough for everything she does.”

-submitted by Carissa Cochran


Ellis Elementary School

Jerilyn Dye

“As a parent, I would like to thank Mrs. Dye for helping my child to be the best they can be. I have seen significant improvements in my child’s progress this year. I love how she keeps us informed via ClassTag and also how she goes above and beyond to make the students feel welcome in her class every day.

The quote below fits Mrs. Dye perfectly:

‘Everyone who remembers his own education remembers teachers, not methods and techniques. The teacher is the heart of the educational system.’ -Sidney Hook”

-submitted by Michelle Erickson


Froberg Elementary School

Dana Holmin

“Ms. Holmin is an amazing second grade teacher! My daughter loves going to school because of her. She deserves to be recognized for her hard work and dedication in the classroom!”

-submitted by Ashley Smith

Sabrina Schlupp

“Thank you for being so good with Addy and the rest of the kids! I would like to thank you for always being supportive and looking out for her best interests. We're all very happy and blessed that Addy had you as a teacher! We've definitely seen progress in every way with Addy: handwriting, math, vocabulary, everything! Thank you again and continue being awesome!”

-submitted by Roselyn Vorachit


Gregory Elementary School

Hollie Sterud

“Ms. Sterud is a great teacher. She's nice and makes me feel special. She helps me whenever I need it. She takes the time to help me with math.”

-submitted by Nailah Lindley


Johnson Elementary School

Kim Jirak

“I want to thank her for making my son's first year of school wonderful. She has been patient and kind with our son, and my husband and I just love her.”

-submitted by Therasa Yehling

Holly Lang

“Every morning, Miss Lang tends to the drop-off line. Her and my daughter have created a special bond, saying hello to one another each day! Miss Lang goes above and beyond. Her personality and fire for life is apparent. She has made my daughter feel excited and brave about going to school with her in the fall. Kudos for seeing that little people need lots of love and light in this crazy world. Thanks for all you do!”

-submitted by Sarah Meyers

Lisa Smith

“Lisa is a dedicated teacher who is a tremendous asset to her students and staff members. She goes above and beyond her duty as a teacher. She is always willing to help out with duties above and beyond her school-assigned tasks. One example is taking a Rockford University student to teach in her classroom!”

-submitted by Georgann Walker


Lathrop Elementary School

Lilia Delgado

“I am thankful to have this teacher, because she helps me every day to learn new things and to do the best I can every day. Thank you so much.”

-submitted by Ximena Fajardo

Mayra Rodriguez

“I am thankful to have that teacher, because I am her helper and she helps me with everything I have to do. She told me to do the best I can every day. Thank you so much!”

-submitted by Ginna Fajardo

“I like how she teaches my son about everything: what’s right and what’s not right. My son talks about her all the time and he loves her. And I like her too."
-submitted by Selena Villaneada


Lewis Lemon Elementary School

Abeni Copeland

“Thank you for helping in every little way, like being a positive support for the kids and pushing them to strive for the best! I want to say thank you as well for always working with my daughter and being a positive role model. I also love how she interacts with each student and teaches them right from wrong and shows them positivity is the best way to be. Thank you so, so much, Ms.Copeland.”

-submitted by Sylvia Edwards


McIntosh Elementary School

Robyn Stolze

“Ms. Stolze is an exceptional teacher! My son Xander is mostly nonverbal and severely autistic, and this year he is learning a lot all because of his wonderful teacher and staff at McIntosh. When he gets into behavior problems, Ms. Robyn never judges Xander. Instead she understands and is always finding ways to help him. We are very happy with her and the staff at McIntosh. Ms. Robyn is truly a gem and one-of-a-kind teacher!”

-submitted by Xander Robins


Rolling Green Elementary School

Andrea Korwin

“I love Ms. Korwin because she’s a very nice and fun teacher. Both of our favorite colors are green. I really liked when I got to show my class how to draw a crocodile. She’s helped me get very smart this year! She’s the best!”

-submitted by Ezekiel Berg

Anne Marie Urbanski

“She said the best thing to my daughter, and it has stuck with her: ‘No question is a dumb question.’ One of the wisest things taught to Khloe.”

-submitted by Nicole Benshetler


Spring Creek Elementary School

Christina Barte

“She is always kind, and she's very funny. She always takes time to understand students.”

-submitted by Khloe Chance

Lindsay Johnson

“Mrs. Johnson has been an awesome kindergarten teacher for both my children. She taught virtually for several weeks and it was a wonderful experience! She's engaging and always finding ways to make learning fun for her students. She has built a great parent/teacher relationship, and I value the role she has played in my children's lives.

During virtual learning she not only taught her students, but she kept them engaged by doing scavenger hunts and even including siblings, when it was possible.

We love Mrs. Johnson and wish her the best for many more years to come!”

-submitted by Kari White


Julie Kidder

“She was a gift to our daughter and our family. Mrs. Kidder made Ellie feel loved and protected at school. She was a constant positive presence for us from the school. She was always working to think of new ways to help Ellie reach her goals, never giving up. I really feel like she helped Ellie reach her fullest potential each year and always shared ideas with us so we could help too. She even gave up time one summer to work with Ellie so she wouldn’t lose any progress. Knowing that your kids have someone at school that will jump up and down for their accomplishments just as much as you do means the world. She completely changed my opinion of what the school district can offer. We will always remember Mrs. Kidder and her commitment to excellence. Her strive to connect with students and families is worthy of praise. We were blessed that Ellie was placed in her care. Thanks for all your hard work! Spring Creek would not be the same without you!”

-submitted by Trisha Kjellgren

Bradley Lauman

“My journey started with Mr. Lauman in kindergarten and now here I am, a fourth grader. I really appreciate all his hard work and advice to me. He was my ESL teacher, guide and a friend.”

-submitted by Mustafa Yousif


Washington Elementary School

Corrie Bruno

“Mrs. Bruno is great with all of the kids. She is firm on her word and works with each kid one-on-one to help them all. Both of my oldest daughters had her and I have nothing negative to say. AMAZING TEACHER!”

-submitted by Sydney Reiser

Kimberlee Malmberg

“Mrs. Malmberg goes above and beyond for our children. She has an amazing classroom. I have had her for the past three years for my daughters. I have had no issues with her at all. She communicates everything. She goes above and beyond! No. 1 teacher.”

-submitted by Sydney Reiser


Welsh Elementary School

Angel Hampl

“I would like to thank Mrs. Hampl for supporting my son and communicating all his needs and concerns with me at all times. She is so kind and has helped my son on his reading journey! I appreciate the time and attention she has given my son throughout the school year!”

-submitted by Britney Villarreal

“I just wanted to thank Mrs. Sample for everything that she's done for my daughter this year. She has made my daughter absolutely love learning. Every day my daughter has a new story about what happened in class or what they're learning about, and she gets so excited about her education. She thinks so highly of her teacher, and she loves her so much. My child has never enjoyed school more than she has this year, and I want to thank her teacher for that.”

-submitted by Brooke St. John

Anne Peiffer

“As a coach coming from middle school to elementary, there was much to learn in the way of teaching young students how to read – and there still is. But Mrs. Peiffer has helped pave the way for me and hundreds of others. I have been in awe of how she has undertaken the task needed to make our young learners proficient readers. She responded to the urgency at her building and has dove into the research and helped create a supplemental phonics teaching system to help the most struggling of learners. Through her inspiration, I have felt my confidence grow and my ability grow to help other teachers reach their students as well. Thank you, Mrs. Peiffer, for being nothing short of amazing! Thank you for seeing a need and filling a need. Our future looks a little brighter because of you!”

-submitted by Jessica Berg

Christopher Reuter

“Thank you for all your hard work you put into the students online and in-person, and also coaching the boys basketball team. You are great, and you are truly dedicated to your job.”

-submitted by Aaliyah Russey

Mrs. Vetrono

“Mrs. Vetrono. She taught kindergarten. I still remember her kind words, her high heels, and her ability to engage children in meaningful learning experiences! She made a special trip to my house shortly before Christmas, because I had been sick on the day of the Christmas party. She came over specifically to drop off a Christmas gift and to say she hoped I felt better. I still remember this…35 years later. I admired her so much that I am now a kindergarten teacher in Wisconsin. I am lucky enough to say I have taught kindergarten for 16 years and the saying is still true to this day: All I need to know, I learned in kindergarten! Thank you, Mrs. Vetrono, and thank you to each of our public educators. Your profession is that of an art, and NEVER underestimate the impact you truly have on children, the community, and society as a whole. You are appreciated ❤️.”

-submitted by Kathrine Snyder-Brunner

Rena Wright

“Thank you for being patient and understanding. The best kindergarten teacher and first grade teacher spoiled us, and we really appreciate it.”

-submitted by Ebony Washington


Whitehead Elementary School

Ellisa Craig

“She has helped not only my son learn in a school setting, but she has also been a great emotional support for our family during some very trying times. We are so grateful to have met her and have her in our lives.”

-submitted by Crystle Sparks

Katelyn Gilg

“Ms.Gilg, you’re a good teacher. You help me a lot and you give me good luck. I appreciate what you do to help me, so thanks.”

-submitted by Cole Johnson


“I want to thank her for helping me when I need it. I appreciate her a lot. She is a very nice teacher.”

-submitted by Kassandra Boldridge


“I thank this Teacher because she taught me a lot in fifth grade. She made me smarter than I used to be, and I’m grateful that I'm here with her.”

-submitted by Lamonteeona Curb

Holly Hunt

“School has been very difficult for my young one, but she has been the only teacher able to keep him focused.”

-submitted by O.D. Patton III

Thank You Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

Thank you, teachers! This year for Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day, we asked students, families and staff to thank their favorite RPS 205 teacher – and to tell us what makes them special. We had many fantastic responses, and we’re sharing our favorites on the 205 VIBE.

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