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Thank You, RPS 205 High School Teachers!

Nicole Frazer, David Bardwell

Auburn High School

Kevin Knoll

“My daughter and another student had to take a virtual Spanish class (asynchronous) outside of RPS 205 due to a schedule conflict. Mr. Knoll, very graciously, would volunteer some of his planning time so they could practice speaking Spanish, as their class did not include this. My daughter had also spoken fondly of him on numerous other occasions previously. I'm incredibly thankful for this kind soul at Auburn!”

-submitted by Nina Rayon

Joselyn Ludtke

“They gave us a very open welcome the second we entered their class, and it never stopped throughout the quarters. She made sure to give us a safe environment where we felt comfortable and happy to learn the class topics. She taught us it's okay to take a break sometimes through her class period if it got too stressful, and she always gives good advice when needed, making kids more optimistic to come to school during the week. Thank you for the best class this year. :)”

-submitted by Kylie Smith

Theresa Northrup

“Thank you for being there for me this year! I really appreciate you listening. You are a role model to all of us. I also love that you challenge us to better ourselves as dancers.”

-submitted by Daniella Lane


East High School

Jessica Gerrond

“I want to thank Jessica Gerrond. She helped me through a lot. When I first got to high school, I was very nervous, but she helped me meet new people. She helped me try after-school activities, make new friends, and she helped me with problems that I thought I could solve alone.

She has been very kind to me and taught me to be kind to everyone no matter what. Jessica Gerrond is kind, funny, and thoughtful with everyone she interacts with. I’ve never seen her in a bad mood no matter what happens. She makes me feel like I belong where I am. She makes me feel that I should be proud of who I am. She celebrates me when I do well on a test! Jessica Gerrond is one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had, and I feel very lucky to have her. Words can’t describe how amazing she is.”

-submitted by Quin Singh

Janiece Gehrke

“She has done a lot for me in high school, especially now that graduation is coming up next month. She was there for me during my times of need. She helped me with my assignments. She's amazing!”

-submitted by Christopher Dumois

Sarah Logemann

“She always made me believe in myself and be responsible. She made me love school. She helped me a lot to learn English. She always made me proud of myself and that she is my teacher. I will thank her always and forever. I wish her a happy life for her and her family.”

-submitted by Ibrahim Alkourdi

Melissa Mondello

“I would like to thank Mrs. Mondello for being more than just a teacher. She has treated every single one of her students like her children. Not only for me but for many other students, she has been like a mother to us. She has always looked out for us and notices when we aren’t having a good day or if something is wrong. Mrs. Mondello goes above and beyond to help her students during her personal time to make sure that we all succeed. She has a positive spirit and shows it every day in class.”

-submitted by Isabella Galvan

William Rowald

“Mr. Rowald is a very caring teacher. He was my support when I was about to apply to college as there were a lot of things that I was not sure of. He helped me apply for scholarships and celebrated my wins. Even though it’s been years, he still keeps in touch.”

-submitted by Jessica Pequeno Mendoza


Guilford High School

Jessica Bell

“Ms. Bell was truly an inspiration to both me and everyone in her classes. Not only did she push us to do our best in class, but she pushed us to be the best people we could be. She helped us express ourselves in many ways and helping me and many other students I know break out of our shells both socially and culturally. She allowed real world issues at the time – such as the George Floyd incident and the surrounding political dispute – to be talked about and have our feelings be shared in a space that allowed for others to hear them.”

-submitted by Jacob Larson

Weston Brabeck

“I am in his piano class. He’s funny and fun to talk to. Not only that, just an overall good teacher! I am able to effectively communicate with him. Along with last year, I was going through a tough time when my dog had to be put down. He was there. It helped. He has been my favorite teacher since.”

-submitted by Hannah McClellan

Jeremiah Tews

“I want to thank this teacher for always making me smile. Even when I'm having a really bad day, like days when I'm struggling and thinking about my dad, he always noticed and came over to me, joked and changed my mood.”

-submitted by Tarrah Dunaway

Melissa Wolf

“Melissa Wolf helped me get over my severe social anxiety and stage fright throughout high school. Without her I don’t know where I would be now with my anxiety. She is one of the most impactful teachers I've ever had.”

-submitted by Ally Brown


Jefferson High School

Jessica Ackerman

“She has helped me quite a bit! She is one of the only science teachers I've actually looked forward to seeing during the day! While I may get distracted in her class, she still helps me with my work when possible, and I'm glad for that.”

-submitted by William Waggoner

David Bardwell

“He is very funny and engaging. He helps us out when we need help. Mr. Bardwell has very good classroom management and will do anything to help his students.

Like when the class was struggling with the word abiotic and biotic he would reteach it and reteach it, and it didn't seem to bother him.”

-submitted by Caden Terronez

“He always helps me with my work and with other stuff. He's also very patient with me. He's very funny and that class makes my day sometimes. It is great to have him as a teacher.”

-submitted by Angie Paniagua

“Mr. Bardwell is a really nice teacher. He helps you when you are in need of help with any classwork. He also makes class and learning fun. It makes me like going to his class and enjoy learning.”

-submitted by Sareth Marquez

Sarah Borgen-Habben

“Thank you for being patient and teaching me the medical terminology words. You also did not judge when I started doing bad.”

-submitted by Sher Eh

Joshua Feltz

“He always has a smile on his face. He treats all kids the same no matter what. He is a chill teacher and he is never upset or angry. Overall he’s low-key, one of the best teachers I have had so far in my lifetime in school.”

-submitted by Douglas Plaxico

Floyd Fox

“He is an amazing teacher. He truly cares about us as students and wants us to succeed in life. I just couldn’t understand one of our lessons, and he worked very hard with me to help me succeed. He has made me want to be successful and has helped me grow as a person.”

-submitted by Haley Hansel

Nicole Frazer

“I would like to thank Ms. Frazer, because I have had her for three years now and she has always been there for her students when they are having off days. Whenever a student needs help, she is there for them. Ms. Frazer has made my last year at Jefferson High School the best school year I could have.”

-submitted by Skyler Zuberbier

Lynn Graczyk 

“She is a really sweet and wonderful teacher. She provides and helps us to the best of her ability to help us prepare for college, AP exams, and SATs.”

-submitted by Jimmy Sivongxay


“I want to thank her for making junior English fun and easy. I love her fun and sweet personality. She always sets aside time to help her students and encourages us to push through and complete our assignments. She always provides positive motivation every time she gives assignments. She explains problems thoroughly step-by-step to help her students understand. 

She made me feel accepted and determined to learn from my mistakes. She helped me learn how to analyze rhetorical strategies from passages and write them into an essay. ”

-submitted by Vimala Phetvixai

Jakub Kocyan

“He's helpful when I don't understand a lesson and lets his students work at their own pace. Of all my years in math, I've never been able to maintain a 100% grade until I was in his class, and I believe that is because I feel comfortable in his class and he does a good job teaching lessons.”

-submitted by Angel Santana

Tina Lamb

“This is my overall best teacher because she was always there to help when I needed it. She also knew so much about how to help you in the future. She gave me the information I know now, and I couldn’t have appreciated it more.”

-submitted by Johnny Montes de Oca

Robert Peterson

“Mr. Peterson is a great teacher who makes learning fun and is always there to help and support his students.”

-submitted by Angelina Haller

Benjamin Randecker

“He was new to our school and let me switch my instrument from clarinet to percussion last minute. He helped me learn the ins and outs and was super helpful throughout the way. He always had faith in me and never let me down. He has a great sense of humor and he cares about each and every one of his students.”

-submitted by Haley Hansel

Lynn Stockton

“I’d like to thank Ms. Stockton for going so far above and beyond her job requirement as a teacher. For caring about her students so much and for inspiring me to pursue art and teaching.”

-submitted by Julie Kincaide

Allyson Utech

“She is always so understanding when I am behind on work and helps me catch up and has patience with me. She also is just always filled with positivity no matter the day and makes her classroom a very enjoyable environment to be in. Just overall an amazing teacher and person in general.”

-submitted by Jacqueline Flores

Thank You Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

Thank you, teachers! This year for Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day, we asked students, families and staff to thank their favorite RPS 205 teacher – and to tell us what makes them special. We had many fantastic responses, and we’re sharing our favorites on the 205 VIBE.

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