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Thank You, RPS 205 Middle School Teachers!

Veronica Soria-Martinez with student

Eisenhower Middle School

Molly Priest

“I want to thank Mrs. Priest for preparing me to go to high school as best as she could. I remember her class so vividly, even though it was so many years ago. One day in her first hour science class we were working on a cell project. I was having a difficult time that day, because the night prior, my uncle passed away. She noticed almost immediately how I was feeling, and she made me feel better by giving me some water and snacks. This is one of the many, many amazing stories of Mrs. Priest. She is beyond inspirational to myself and all of her other students. She has overcome many obstacles in her career, and she has shown all of us her resilience and kindness. She has taught us how to be responsible young adults, and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for my first year of middle school.”

-submitted by Payton Moros

“Mrs. Priest works very hard and is very dedicated to her students. She makes sure you feel welcomed and cared for in her classroom. She uses her own money to get things for her classroom and her students. She goes above and beyond.”

-submitted by Lilyanna Vega


Flinn Middle School

Jacob Bergeron

“You are the best teacher in the school, and I really want to thank you for helping me when I didn’t know how to do the work.”

-submitted by Nakiyah Harris

Emilie Godlewski

“She is a phenomenal teacher and helps me with my work. She also helps me stay caught up.”

-submitted by Caleb Recoy

James Goodman

“He is the best, and he is very helpful to me. He is always there when I need him.”

-submitted by Francoise Bilombele

Bryan Holliday

“Mr. Holliday is caring, honest, and patient. He's always trying to put a smile on someone's face. He sees the potential in his students.”

-submitted by Jazz Longoria

Kathryn Kotz

“She helped me achieve something I never thought I could do. She pushed me to my limits and encouraged me to break those limits. I want to thank her for her hard work and for pushing me to do my own hard work.”

-submitted by Zainab Husni


“I want to thank her because she is a really nice teacher. I can talk to her whenever I need to talk to someone, and she is really helpful. She is the kindest teacher I’ve met.”

-submitted by Jennifer Ramirez


“I want to thank this teacher because she is so nice. She is always asking if someone needs help. And she will ask you if you are feeling okay if you look sad or mad.”

-submitted by Marriyah Vargas Drennan


“I want to thank this teacher because she helped me out with all my problems and listened to me when I needed it. She is always making me smile! Thank you!”

-submitted by Arelie Marquez

Kathryn Kotz & Kelly Youngren

“I want to thank Mrs. Kotz for being the nice teacher that she is, including being herself and being there when it's most needed. I love how we all get to experience reading together. I love all the things that she does for the class, including thanking Mrs. Youngren for being there when she was able to help. I also enjoy their great personalities. In my opinion, they're the greatest teachers you could ever have!”

-submitted by Miraj Harvey

David Lyons

“He is a fun teacher. He always makes us smile, and he is a nice teacher and his class is fun.”

-submitted by Nevaeh Vandive

Craig Murphy

“I wanted to thank Mr. Murphy, because he is really one of the best teachers I have met so far. He is really helpful and very nice. Even when he's having the worst day, he keeps a smile on his face.”

-submitted by Da'Shunie Bonds

Jody Nordgren

“She holds Leonidas accountable for his actions and clearly makes expectations for him. I see him trying and succeeding in all of his classes, and the only difference this year is a teacher who will tell him exactly how it is and lets him know how much better he can be if he strives for it. He is definitely the kid that needs to be talked to like a person, and with her he gets that!”

-submitted by Leonidas English

Jessica Roman

“She has been super nice all throughout the year and just a great person overall. She has helped many students get out of their shell and become who they wanted to be.”

-submitted by Hallie Hinrichs

Valerie Simon

“Miss Simon helps me with my ELA, and she motivates me to do better. She wants me to be the best in my future. My favorite teacher makes me feel safe, proud and happy. If I could thank my favorite teacher, I would say thanks for teaching me, thank you for listening to me.”

-submitted by Miracle White


Kennedy Middle School

Brooke Imbach

“I would like to say thank you to Ms. Imbach. She opens up the library so students with special needs can learn vocational skills. She always combines a library book with a neat art activity. She always has time to visit and check in with the students if they are having a difficult day.”

-submitted by Rachel Ruiz

Nathan Phillips

“This is Mr. Phillips’ first year at Kennedy Middle School. He is an awesome teacher. He makes a point of making physical education an awesome experience for students with special needs. Mr. Phillips adapts the units so lessons are more inclusive. Thank you for coming to Kennedy Middle School and making a difference.”

-submitted by Rachel Ruiz

Kristine Robertson

“I would like to say thank you to Ms. Robertson for making a difference at our school. This is her first year at Kennedy, but she worked at Auburn before she taught here. She tells students what they will need to know and shows what is needed to be successful in high school. She is always presenting neat lessons. It is always fun teasing her when the Packers lose.”

-submitted by Rachel Ruiz


RESA Middle School

Christina Barte

“She is really kind to students and really cares about them. She educates students well and hopes to let them go further in life and education.”

-submitted by Cesar Avila


“Thank you for being an amazing teacher and supporting me. You always help me with my work, you always make me laugh, and in your class I feel safe. I know I can always count on you. You are kind, smart, funny, and you are famous in the school. Everybody knows you, and you are my idol. :)”

-submitted by Yuliana Mozo

Paul Goddard

“Mr. Goddard helped me learn how to write simple claims, write simple first paragraphs, and how to have proper arguments. A memorable lesson that I learned from this teacher is how to have proper debates. He told us to make a claim with reasons to debate against another student. Mr. Goddard makes me feel happy because he is funny and he understands if we are having a bad day and he will talk to us about it. If I could thank Mr. Goddard I would say: thank you for being an awesome teacher, stay positive!"

-submitted by Emily Wilson


West Middle School

Jade Boyd

“Ms. Boyd is such a great teacher and makes all of our lessons interesting. I do not think I will be able to forget her going into high school because she is such a positive influence.”

-submitted by Keyser Scharnweber


“I want to thank this teacher because Mrs. Boyd is the type of teacher that doesn't just let you sit there and fail. Mrs. Boyd will guide you as your math teacher and isn't afraid to help when it's needed. She is able to teach me and her other students in a way that makes hard things seem easy, which has been helpful in so many situations. I would like to thank Mrs. Boyd for being there for me during my three years as a middle schooler. She makes me feel welcome here at West Middle School.”

-submitted by Hailey Laster

Kim McLaughlin

“Mrs. McLaughlin is the best teacher! When I dance and make a mistake she corrects me and pushes me to do my best all the time. She puts 110% toward helping her dance students. I'm so glad to have her as my teacher!”

-submitted by De'Ajah Smith

Veronica Soria-Martinez

“Veronica has been such a great support for my daughter. She is always positive and focuses on skills and gives advice. She always takes time to discuss my daughter’s concerns, and she is very patient and kind with her words. She is always willing to go the extra mile to help us.”

-submitted by Cecilia Valverde

Thank You Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

Thank you, teachers! This year for Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day, we asked students, families and staff to thank their favorite RPS 205 teacher – and to tell us what makes them special. We had many fantastic responses, and we’re sharing our favorites on the 205 VIBE.

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