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Thank You, RPS 205 Special Programs Teachers!

clockwise from L Crystal Bachman, Abir Hussameldin, Kelsey Shaver

Gifted Academy at Thurgood Marshall Elementary

Jeffrey Doubek

“Mr. Doubek is a very kindhearted teacher. Aarav is so blessed to have him as his teacher. He teaches the kids so well. Aarav loves to learn chess and math with him. Thank you, sir, for being a role model and an amazing teacher.”

-submitted by Aarav Raj

Abir Hussameldin

“She is a wonderful teacher. She always motivates him to give his best.The words are so encouraging that it boosts confidence in him. He really enjoyed all her classes. She is very kind and humble. She has always guided him whenever he needed it the most.Thank you, Mrs. H. You are our most favorite teacher. Aarav loves you!”

-submitted by Aarav Raj

JeanMarie Johnson

“Thank you for making last year (2020-2021) so fun. I wouldn’t have gotten through a year like that without you as a teacher!”

-submitted by Sophia DeCoster


“I want to thank Mrs. Johnson for helping my daughter this year. She has made sure my daughter is where she needs to be academically, and I thank her for that.”

-submitted by Norma Tafolla


“Thank you for being a fun and a great teacher that makes it easy for students to ask the questions they are struggling with.”

-submitted by Jaci & Madi Murphy

Crystal Worley

“Mrs. Worley is an amazing teacher. She has guided Aarav whenever he needed it the most. Her way of teaching has brought growth in his learning. She has helped him to do good in his studies and be a better version of himself. Thank you, Mrs. Worley! You are the best!”

-submitted by Aarav Raj


Gifted Academy at Thurgood Marshall School

Jill Nicosia

“Mrs. Nicosia makes learning fun and helps our kids reach their full potential. She inspires kids to learn math in creative ways.”

-submitted by Patricia Shrestha

Tiffany Thomas

“I enjoy being in Mrs. Thomas’s class because she makes learning very fun. Thank you for being an awesome teacher.”

-submitted by Aela Berg

Maria Montessori at Marsh

Erin Andrews

“The way she is a really good teacher is that when she teaches good stuff. If we ever need help, she will help. She is really, really nice. She also has the best turtle.”

-submitted by Lucy Kirschmann


“This teacher is thoughtful, kind but firm, and wonderfully communicative with parents. Our son has flourished this year, and we owe it to her!”

-submitted by Emily Hurd

Crystal Bachman & Elizabeth Johnson

“I want to thank Mrs. Bachman because she made me see that first grade is so much fun and teaches me about the planets and solar system and tells me I’m very good at math. I think it’s so much fun at Montessori school, and I’ve had the best teachers ever there. I love you, Ms. Johnson, my old teacher, and Mrs. Bachman, my new teacher. You are both the best.”

-submitted by Riley Threadgill

Laurie Davis-Devries

“Our son David has adored learning with Ms. Laurie for preschool and kindergarten at Montessori. She is loving, calm, supportive, honest, and keeps the needs of children at the center of her teaching practice. David was thrilled last summer when she attended one of his baseball games. Their positive relationship continues to prove that strong connections between students and staff are vital for growth and development. Thank you for educating with your whole heart every day, Ms. Laurie!”

-submitted by Lisa Robinson

Leslie Hamilton

“Ms. Hamilton, from day one I knew you were a sweetheart and Niomi was going to love you. You care for the children, and you always have a smile on your face even with the mask on. Niomi always speaks good things of Ms. Leslie. She has grown so much in your classroom, and for that I am grateful. I want to thank you for your awesome and amazing work with my lovely Niomi. THANK YOU. BE BLESSED. 🥰”

-submitted by Sharon Jones

Adrienne Horn

“Ms. Horn is always willing to help other students when they are struggling. She always notices when a student is not doing well, maybe mentally or physically, and she always wants to make school fun. She also plans awesome party days where we research different subjects. As a sixth grader, I don't want to leave her class. 

She loves to surprise the class, like the one time when she gave us all ring pops and told us that she was getting married. We all freaked out, and it was funny seeing the class go insane because they know our teacher best as Ms. Horn. I don't know what her new last name will be, but I guess I'll just have to wait. But this is why I want to thank my teacher. :)”

-submitted by Wyatt Newton

Elizabeth Johnson

“I love Ms. Johnson because she is the bestest ever teacher, and she helped me to love school. When I was scared, she told me to bring a blankie from home to help me not be scared and I love school and my friends. Ms. Johnson helped me to grow my brain and learn a lot of cool stuff.”

-submitted by Kalani Gary Knight

Nancy Rauch

“Ms. Rauch goes above and beyond for her students. My daughter comes home and misses school already. She is so calm and caring and has the calmest approach toward her students. As a parent it is very pleasing to see.”

-submitted by Samra Isic

Kelsey Shaver

“Mrs. Shaver is so kind and patient! She helps me with my daily math. She is a great teacher!”

-submitted by Ruby McNamara


Two-Way Language Immersion at Barbour

Angelica Cobos

“She was and still is the absolute best teacher I've ever had when I was in middle school. She is super nice, heartwarming and nurturing as a teacher. Throughout high school and now college, I've always made sure to send her a happy birthday email.”

-submitted by Lucia Gomez

Thank You Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2022

Thank you, teachers! This year for Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day, we asked students, families and staff to thank their favorite RPS 205 teacher – and to tell us what makes them special. We had many fantastic responses, and we’re sharing our favorites on the 205 VIBE.

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