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The Alzoubi Sisters: One School, One Family

The three Alzoubi sisters in a classroom


Samar Al Zoubi has worked at Rolling Green Elementary School since Jan. 2015. This year is special because not one but two of her sisters now work alongside her. Her younger sister Maha Alzoubi worked as a substitute teacher for almost two years before beginning her position as a bilingual​ kindergarten teacher in the Arabic program. And now this year, Samar and Maha's younger sister, Hala Alzoubi, joined the Rolling Green staff as a fourth grade bilingual teacher. 

Samar began work at RPS 205 as a tutor in 2015, then received her teaching endorsement and began teaching second grade in the bilingual Arabic program before becoming a third grade teacher in the program. She encouraged her sisters to come work at Rolling Green because the bilingual Arabic program is a great program, and she knew it would be wonderful to all work together. Maha likes how she always has someone she can go to with questions and to get support. As a first-year teacher, Hala also appreciates the support she gets from her sisters and how they give her strength after a hard day. Samar agrees and says they feel safe here and like the environment.

The bilingual Arabic program allows students to study both Arabic and English. Maha really enjoys seeing the kids learn a new language. It is enjoyable for Maha to see students spelling and reading Arabic, and she feels they are fortunate to have such a program through RPS 205. Her son is a student in the program here at Rolling Green, too!

The Alzoubi sisters not only work together, they are enrolled in the same master of arts in teaching (MAT) program. Ameen Abdullah, second grade teacher in the bilingual Arabic program, is also working on his master's degree with the three sisters. He used to teach ESL classes with Hala and says that all three women are very good cooks. He jokes the school should be renamed "The Alzoubi School." 

Rolling Green is a better place with the three Alzoubi sisters, all of whom are great teachers and kind, compassionate women. Visit any of their classrooms and you will find engaged students, ready and eager to learn. Samar says that's because they are all here for one goal: student engagement and progress. 

The sisters were recently featured as Rolling Green's Staff of the Week on our school's Facebook page​.​​



Headshot of Rachel Leon

Rachel León

Rachel León is the Parent and Community Liaison at Rolling Green Elementary School. She is a proud RPS 205 parent with a background in social work, education, freelance writing, and editing.

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