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The Best Cheerleader in Rockford


I want to nominate someone as the best cheerleader in Rockford. She has been a cheerleader for decades. Though she previously cheered for athletic teams in places like Palatine, she is now the top cheerleader at Spring Creek Elementary School. She often starts our school day cheering all the staff and students as we enter the building. About three times a week, alternating with our principal, she records the opening video that every kid sees in class. Throughout the day, I can hear her cheering in the hallways, either running back and forth and jumping with joy as she cheers us on to teach the kids, or welcoming the kids with happy greetings. So here’s to Kim McLaughlin, the Assistant Principal at Spring Creek Elementary School. Thank you, Kim, and way to go, Eagles!

Roc Ordman Bio Photo

Roc Ordman

Roc Ordman is a professor emeritus of biochemistry at Beloit College, who retired at 68. Roc calls Rockford home and has returned to teaching as a literacy tutor at Spring Creek Elementary School.


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