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We Appreciate RPS 205 Early Childhood Teachers!

Stephanie Berg with Summerdale students

Stephanie Berg poses with Summerdale Early Childhood Center students.


Circles of Learning

Preschool Teachers

“Thank you to all our preschool teachers at Circles of Learning (COL)! We have worked to create a true collaboration between COL and RPS 205 staff. The work between all of the teachers benefits our students and the ability to implement the HighScope Curriculum and Pyramid Model social-emotional framework. The COL staff has been an important part alongside our RPS 205 teachers in carrying out our action steps to improve our systemwide framework focus.”

-submitted by Julie Chandler

Laura Lindquist

“She is good at communication, very friendly and nice and smiles.”

-submitted Rhonda Ballard


“I would like to thank Mrs. Lindquist for being patient with me as I learn and grow!”

-submitted by KaiMarie Allen

Sherrie Norman

“Miss Sherrie has been a blessing for my daughter Madison. She is the definition of a teacher that goes above and beyond. I appreciate her every day and she is one of the reasons Madison enjoys preschool so much. Thank you for your continued guidance and patience and for caring so much about Madison!”

-submitted by Brittney Noose


“Ms. Sherrie is always fun, upbeat, and happy! She truly cares for her students and it shows. She is able to build genuine, trusting, and loving relationships with her students.”

-submitted by Jean McGuire


“Sherrie has such a warm and inviting personality that helps me feel comfortable. I know she is taking great care of my daughter while making preschool fun, project packed and educational.”

-submitted by Jacqueline Klietz


“Sherrie has helped my son Gabe so much in school and also works great with me. She has helped Gabe through some tough things going on at home and is there for him. She is an amazing teacher.”

-submitted by Angela Johnson

Stephanie Rogers

“I would like to thank Ms. Rogers for being patient with me as I learn and grow!”

-submitted by KaiMarie Allen

Heaven Tyler

“I would like to thank my teacher for being patient with me as I learn and grow.”

-submitted by KaiMarie Allen


Nashold Early Childhood Center

Dawn Carlson

“Thank you Ms. Dawn for being an amazing teacher. Aayansh loves his class. He says ‘I like Ms. Dawn. She loves me and always helps me.’ Thank you Ms. Dawn 😊❤️”

-submitted by Aayansh Raj

Karla Surface

“I wanted to thank Ms. Karla for being such a loving and caring teacher. Aayansh loves working with her in the classroom. She is always smiling and positive. Ms. Karla always plays with the kids and all the kids love her. Thank you, Ms. Karla, for being such an amazing teacher.❤️😊”

-submitted by Aayansh Raj


Summerdale Early Childhood Center

Stephanie Berg

“I will start by saying Stephanie is a special education teacher. l started working at Summerdale at the end of last year as a classroom para. I loved it. This year we had a student start in our class who was severely impacted developmentally and watching Stephanie interact and work with him was so incredibly inspiring. After speaking with her and helping with the student myself, Stephanie encouraged me to go for a special education para position. When I say that it has been life changing, I mean it. It is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. I appreciate all of the resource teachers in our building. However, I am so incredibly grateful for Stephanie!”

-submitted by Amanda Robbins

Thank You Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

Thank you, teachers! For Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day, we asked students, families and staff to thank their favorite RPS 205 teacher – and to tell us what makes them special. We’re sharing their responses on the 205 VIBE.

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