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We Appreciate RPS 205 Elementary Teachers!

Rhonda Robinson, Ellis Elementary School

Rhonda Robinson in her classroom at Ellis Elementary School.


Carlson Elementary School

Patricia Magers

“You have been a great teacher for Charlotte. Thank you from Charlotte's older sister.”

-submitted by Eliana Navarro


Cherry Valley Elementary School

Nicole Washington

“Mrs. Washington has been an absolute saint! My daughter went into first grade nervous and came home excited. Mrs. Washington teaches in a way that has excelled my daughter's learning experience, her overall experience and has really been a key in why my daughter is excited for school. She's very informative about school activities and very informative during conferences. She keeps parents up to date and offers support whenever I need. I've reached out via Seesaw after hours for various things expecting responses the next day, but she's always very quick to respond even if she's off. It takes a special person to help educate our little ones and Mrs. Washington is a very special person! We absolutely adore her and will be sad to lose her in the next year.”

-submitted by Max Krulock


Ellis Elementary School

Emily Daub

“She was my kindergarten teacher at Whitehead Elementary School. She was funny, kind and a good teacher. She was my first teacher. I miss her and I hope to see her again.”

-submitted by Aleeia Hernandez

Rhonda Robinson

“I want to thank Rhonda for all of her hard work I've seen. She truly cares about education and her students. Rhonda has been a great asset to Ellis, her community, and her co-workers. It has been a pleasure working in her room in the past and knowing her. I hear she may retire, and that will be a sad day for Ellis and myself. Rhonda brings a smile and a lot of knowledge. She truly engages with her classroom and her students. I think she is a hard-working teacher!”

-submitted by Georgina Strang


Froberg Elementary School

Nicholas Letsinger

“I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication to my daughter in reading and math. She has improved a great deal since she has been in the school and in your classroom. I want to thank you and the staff. I'm truly grateful for you all.”

-submitted by Shawna Young

Aaron Owens

“Mr. Owens is a wonderful teacher! My daughter enjoys going to school and is learning so much in 3rd grade. We are so grateful.”

-submitted by Ashley Smith


“Mr. Owens is the best teacher I ever had. He makes school fun. He loves his students very much. He was so fun to all the students. He makes jokes that everyone laughs at. He is just an amazing teacher.”

-submitted by Linh Huynh


Gregory Elementary School

Nicole Morris

“She taught me and my classmates in 5th grade, and she did so good.”

-submitted by Jackson Wright


Johnson Elementary School

Scott Clark

“Mr. Clark has a positive outlook on everything. He has something called circle time in the morning where he asks if anything is on our heart or mind keeping you from being focused or engaged. It helps us express our feelings and gives us a voice. He doesn’t lose patience with kids even when he should. He helps me with division and multiplication and gives me confidence in Math. He’s the best. I wish every kid could have him as a teacher.”

-submitted by Tatum Champion


Riverdahl Elementary School

Destiny Blackburn

“She is kind and supportive. She makes learning fun. She makes me feel loved by giving me hugs. She will help me whenever I need it.”

-submitted by Alejandro Rocha

Kristina Cannon

“You helped me with math. I loved multiplying. You made me happy. Thank you!”

-submitted by Yobani Claudio-Mota

Aimee Fagan

“I really appreciate how you encourage me to keep working. I have fun when things motivate me. You make me feel happy! Thank you.”

-submitted by Masika Mewriveil


“I really appreciate all the kind and positive things you've taught me. You motivate me by teaching me and helping me reach my goals. You make me feel safe, calm, and encourage me. Thank you.”

-submitted by Sophia Trujillo


“You helped me learn my vowels. You always help me when I'm mad or sad and help me feel better. You make me smile every day.”

-submitted by Daniela Aleman

Brittney Havens

“My favorite teacher is Ms. Havens because she is nice. She can teach me math and she is awesome.”

-submitted by Joshua Bautista

Hannah Lake

“Ms. Lake has gone over and beyond to make sure my granddaughter is learning the material she is teaching. She sends home weekly packets that cover the material that is being taught at school. Ms. Lake has also taken my concerns on the areas of education I see my granddaughter needs to work on very seriously by sending extra work home with her.”

-submitted by Atlene Oliver


"My favorite teacher is Ms. Lake. She gives us Legos and toys. She lets us watch fire trucks on the SMART Board. She teaches me reading and math. I love her because she is the best teacher.”

-submitted by Michael Amuri

Courtney Long

“You helped me learn math, reading and everything. I feel ready to learn and feel happy, because when I could not understand you helped me. Thank you.”

-submitted by Maelys Iliza

Aurora Macek

“You helped me with some projects in art. Your kind words make me motivated to work. You make me feel happy when you're in the art room.”

-submitted by Elizabella Martinez


“My favorite teacher is Ms. Macek. She is very friendly. And she lets us paint. She makes me happy. She makes me want to paint more.”

-submitted by Elliana Hernandez

Katherine Milbourn

“She's an incredible teacher. Ms. Milbourn is kind to her students. She gives treats to her own students. My sister used to be in her class and she thought that Ms. Milbourn was an awesome teacher!”

-submitted by Xavier Medrano


“You help me with my work. When you say, ‘You got this’ I feel motivated. Thank you.”

-submitted by Nathael Sefe

Heather Schultz

“You helped me with math I didn't know. I appreciate you helping me. You make me feel happy.”

-submitted by Tanya Herrera

Jeanine Shumaker

“I appreciate you helping me pass 4th grade and helping me read. Also thank you for working with me on math and helping me to run in Girls on the Run. I love to run. Thank you!”

-submitted by Emily Cornejo

Jacki Trapp

“Mrs. Trapp is an awesome teacher. She is nice to me and always helps me with hard things like math. She gives me pencils and paper. We do fun activities like math games and Eat Our Math.”

-submitted by Edwin Mozo


Spring Creek Elementary School

Susan DeCastris

“Ms. DeCastris is truly a wonderful teacher and loves her students. I just want to thank her for all she does and how my daughter adores her and loves to go to school and learn. She has given my daughter a positive influence that there are actually good, nice teachers out there that truly care for their students. My daughter had a rough first year of school last year. She has had a complete turnaround from last year and because of Ms. DeCastris, my daughter loves school! So thank you again for all you do!”

-submitted by Ashlee McWilliams

Anna Lisa Thompson

“Mrs. Thompson has been our 1st grade teacher for two years — for my daughter last year and my son this year. She has made an impact on both of their educations as far as structure, reading, math and social skills. Most recently, I'd love to point out the excitement my son, Cameron, has about school. He was sick a few weeks ago and was incredibly sad he could not make it to school, because he missed Mrs. Thompson. He talks about how much he misses her during scheduled days off and how much he will miss her over the summer. She has made a positive impact, and I want to make sure she knows how much she is valued and appreciated.”

-submitted by Kari White


Washington Elementary School

Todd Wilson

“Thank you for helping my daughter learn a lot and with math.”

-submitted Nicole Hernandez


Whitehead Elementary School

Jessica Blumm

“I want to thank Jessica Blumm, because she is my cheer coach and if we mess up on the cheer she would say ‘If you don't get it right the first time just let me know and I will help you if you want me to.’ That is why I want to thank Jessica Blumm.”

-submitted by Ciara Jones

Becky Groff 

“Thank you for helping me and going to my games and cheering me on. You are the best – don't stop being awesome. Thank you for being nice and not being afraid to help other students. Thank you, Mrs. Groff.”

-submitted by Eli Enna

Jason Hill

“I want to thank Jason Hill for helping me practice my soccer/football skills to help me stay trained while out of my cleats and just in gym shoes. Thank you for being one of my favorite gym teachers, for playing music that we all like and playing games that we want while being in the gym. Because of Jason Hill I want to go to gym every day. Thank you.”

-submitted by Kendra Duran

Holly Hunt

“Mrs. Hunt is a very nice teacher. She is a very funny teacher. Mrs. Hunt has taught me character traits, nonfiction text features and many more. She is a very good reading teacher. People think she is strict, but I think she's just preparing us for middle school.”

-submitted by Bwinp'saw Moo


“Mrs. Hunt is the best teacher in the world. She is very nice. She’s beautiful. She is kind.”

-submitted by Naw Paw


“I want to thank Holly Hunt, because in the beginning of the year I wasn't at the grade level I needed to be. Now it is the middle of the year, and I am almost at grade level. If it wasn't for Holly Hunt I wouldn't be a better reader than I was at the beginning of the year. Thank you.”

-submitted by Ciara Jones


“I want to thank Holly Hunt for helping me to be more respectful and making me want to read more books now. Because of you, I have been getting better grades and showing more progress. When I came to this class I would sometimes stumble on words, but now I've gotten better and I hope I get better than the grades I have now. Thank you.”

-submitted by Kendra Duran


“Thank you for helping me to read better and not giving up on me even when I didn't want help. I will miss you when I go to West.”

-submitted by Eli Enna


“The best 5th grade teacher is Mrs. Hunt, because she gives me candy at the end of the day, teaches us every day, and she holds us to high expectations. She lets us choose to sit where we work best and lets us learn by playing Blooket. We also switch teachers for reading and math, and I enjoy that too.”

-submitted by Kayden Davis


“Mrs. Hunt is my favorite teacher, because she helped me learn that you need to work harder to be the best. She pushes us and that makes us the best we can be.”

-submitted by Alexandria Bolte


“She helps a lot of people even if they are not in her class. She helps us with our reading level. On my MAP test I went up 20 percent. I'm so thankful that she is my teacher this year.”

-submitted by Julian Mercado


“I think she is a nice teacher because, she makes time to do fun things with her students and she does celebrations.”

-submitted by Leilanie Gutierrez

Rachel Khaemba

“I want to thank this teacher because she is a very caring teacher. She is very nice. She makes learning fun. She is a fun teacher. She makes me happy. She has been with me since first grade.”

-submitted by Bwinp'saw Moo

Michelle Reece

“She helped me a lot with multiplication and math and reading. I used to hate reading, but now I like it. I really like math and she showed us a new way to do math — I had to teach my dad it. I like her as my best teacher, because she's nice and she's a really good teacher. She makes good jokes.”

-submitted by Aleeia Hernandez


“Thank you for helping me with my reading, and thank you for being bananapants. My mom liked you as a teacher, and that is a very good thing.”

-submitted by Eli Enna


“Mrs. Reece was a nice 3rd grade teacher. We got to play with Legos and go outside to read books.”

-submitted by Masembe Mpembo


“I want to thank this teacher because she is really nice and gave me a little bit of free time. We can play Prodigy, and she helps us with our work. She taught us a lot. She motivates me to get smarter and better at reading. So thank you, Ms. Reece.”

-submitted by Jeremiah Brown


“She was my first teacher at Whitehead and helped me learn what to do there. When I got there she was very nice and helped me with math and reading. She was also very fun to be around. We would play games and learn at the same time. She was good at teaching. She was very kind when I was sad and helped out with it. She was just a kind teacher overall.”

-submitted by Autumn Randall

Jennifer Rowe

“Mrs. Rowe is an amazing teacher. She is kind, sweet and funny. She helped me get over my fear of tarantulas. She let us feed the tarantula (nasty). She helped students when they were sad, mad or hurt. I learned to be kind to everyone no matter what.”

-submitted by Alexandria Bolte

Lori Scheck

“Mrs. Scheck puts everything on the line for her students. She humbles herself to make sure students are being met with their very special needs. One particular student that stands out, was basically non-verbal at the beginning of the school year. She has made everything possible for this kid to be able to communicate using assistive technology, and it blows my mind seeing how far this sweet kid has come along. As a teacher, and as a mom, I look up to her and want to be like her... when I grow up! <3 She really brings out the biggest potential in all of her students.”

-submitted by Karina Valdez

Thank You Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

Thank you, teachers! For Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day, we asked students, families and staff to thank their favorite RPS 205 teacher – and to tell us what makes them special. We’re sharing their responses on the 205 VIBE.


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