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We Appreciate RPS 205 High School Teachers!

Scott Greenfield with students

Scott Greenfield with East High School students.

East High School

Scott Greenfield

“He’s the strength and conditioning coach and provides so much for these kids. His upbeat music and challenges are awesome. He deserves this. He even went above and beyond for the girls swim team to hit the weight room. He’s so enthusiastic and uplifting. He deserves this.”

-submitted by Amy Taylor


Guilford High School

Todd Eisele

“Mr. Eisele helped my son, Peter Armato, by showing him that he believed in him and taking an interest in Pete when Pete took a strong interest in his wood shop class. Not only did Mr. Eisele give Pete confidence, he gave him direction for his path in the future. The time that Mr. Eisele put into Pete and helping him find his skills has led Pete to knowing what trade he would like to go into after high school. This is a huge feat when college is more the "push" for our students and that isn't the best fit for all. I will forever be grateful for the time, the energy, and the skills that Mr. Eisele taught my son. Thank you.”

-submitted by Holly Hunt


Jefferson High School

Shawn Babcock

“Mr. Babcock is one of the best teachers in the school. He's so strict and knows what he's talking about. He shows us how to be disciplined and respect each other. He works so hard for us, driving two hours to and from Jefferson High School he never gives up on us. Mr. Babcock – I thank you for teaching me love and discipline and never giving up.”

-submitted by Daniel Wick

David Bardwell

“Thank you for being the coolest and most chill teacher ever!! Sometimes there are days when I'm not feeling well and your class always puts a smile on my face even though sometimes it can be loud! The stories that you always tell make me happy and I just wanted to thank you. I do not regret changing into this bio class.”

-submitted by Kiara Lomeli, your favorite student from 4th hour


“He is very understanding. He not only teaches us a lot, but we also have fun discussions.”

-submitted by Dominick Erickson


“Thank you for being a great teacher.”

-submitted by Patricia Martinez

Maria Cebrian

“Mrs. Cebrian is teaching science in Spanish. I am a tutor in some of her classes. She is a very talented teacher. She knows all her material well. When presenting material, she encourages students and is very patient with them. She does a fine job telling them not to use cell phones. She has students do many group activities and laboratories for active learning. When new Spanish-speaking students join her class she is patient and assigns them a helper to get them started. RPS 205 is fortunate to benefit from the exchange it has with Spanish teachers from Spain. Recognizing her contribution is very worthwhile, as she has been doing a wonderful job.”

-submitted by Roc Ordman

Jenna Lange

“She checks up on me weekly to make sure that I am passing in all of my classes, not just Spanish. Every Friday, she gives us time for work in other classes.”

-submitted by Dominick Erickson

Christina Rizzio

“She is very interactive with students and always treats us right.”

-submitted by Jacob Thomas


“She’s a great teacher and taught me a lot before the end of the year.”

-submitted by Skyler Rainbolt


“Thank you for always going above that extra step and making class enjoyable.”

-submitted by Alexis Abina

Thank You Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

Thank you, teachers! For Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day, we asked students, families and staff to thank their favorite RPS 205 teacher – and to tell us what makes them special. We’re sharing their responses on the 205 VIBE.

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