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We Appreciate RPS 205 Middle School Teachers!

Jasmine Chavez Espinoza

Jasmine Chavez Espinoza works with a Flinn Middle School student.

Eisenhower Middle School

Kami Lund

“Mrs. Lund is currently running a Rising Eagle program at Eisenhower, giving up her lunch period with an already very full schedule, to provide a space for a group of selected students to gather and help spread kindness throughout the school. The students were nominated by their teachers, and during their time together, they share in lunch fellowship, engage in social and emotional learning activities, and use the time for staff appreciation initiatives. Kudos to Mrs. Lund for her hard work and dedication to her students!”

-submitted by Kelly Duncan

Christina White

“Ms. White has been very welcoming of me to my new position here at Eisenhower as a library para. She does many fun things in the library to encourage reading. Ms. White has a great relationship with the students, and I love how she treats them with respect and equality!”

-submitted by Candice Swick


Flinn Middle School

Paige Adkins

“She makes me happy. She always makes me laugh and has respect for me.”

-submitted by Mikayla Adams

Jacob Bergeron

“He makes class fun for all.”

-submitted by Zayden Gliatta


“Thank you for helping me learn more about the world and explore what other planets are actually about.”

-submitted by A´Maizha Cooper

Jasmine Chavez Espinoza

“She was there for me when I had my ups and downs. She made me smile every day.”

-submitted by Mikayla Adams


“She helped me be better at art. She helped me make friends with people that are good kids and have similar interests as me.”

-submitted by Janaea Purifoy

Katy Griffin

“Thank you for everything.”

-submitted by Alvin Puckett

Bailey Hanton

“I want to thank this teacher because she helps us out with stuff that we don't know. She's really helpful to everybody and she should get the same respect from all the students.”

-submitted by Jaiden Saldana

Sarah Ingham

“She is super sweet and always helps with problems. She is just the nicest teacher ever. She gives us extra time when we need more time to work on an assignment.”

-submitted by Isabella Carrillo

Kathryn Kotz

“I want to thank my teacher Miss Kotz because she helps me with my work. She is one of the best teachers. She is nice and kind. A lot of people think she is the best and she helps people get work done in Read 180. Love you, Miss Kotz!”

-submitted by Aaliyah Bridges


“She is the best teacher that I have encountered in all my time in school. She helps me a lot and is by far the nicest to me.”

-submitted by CJ Miller


“Thank you for always helping me when I need help. I love her.”

-submitted by Zahraa Ali

Jody Nordgren

“I want to thank this teacher because she is always there when you need help. She is nice and funny.”

-submitted by Isabella Carrillo

Kelli Purvis

“Hey Mrs. Purvis. I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you for everything you have done for me. I am in a good position because of you.”

-submitted by Alvin Puckett

Penny Reber

“I want to thank her, because she is always there to help me when I need it.”

-submitted by Zahraa Ali

Dale Strohfus

“He taught me computer safety, typing and online advertisement making with tips to make any slide more fun and pop with colors.”

-submitted by Janaea Purifoy


Kennedy Middle School

Catherine Defrancesca

“My student has special learning needs. At their IEP meeting, Ms. Defrancesca explained what they were learning in class and how she was presenting information so that they could learn. Usually these meetings tell me everything my student cannot do, but she did not. My student loves her class. She is always helping them so they can learn. She is always positive. She does a great job in helping my student learn the skills they are missing. Her class is an inviting place to be. She helps in other classes so that everybody can understand the material.”

-submitted by Rachel Ruiz

Madison Evans

“Ms. Evans held a mock career fair in our 8th grade seminar class so that we would learn how to interview for a job. She arranged for us to have professional clothes to wear. We didn't have to wear our uniforms. In her class we use technology to learn vocabulary and make connections to the stories we are reading.”

-submitted by Rachel Ruiz-Davis

Kiersten Fromm

“Ms. Fromm does a great job helping my student succeed in school. She makes sure they are prepared for their co-taught class. I was worried about not having enough support in their reading and math class. Ms. Fromm does a great job communicating with the teacher and myself. They are doing great in school and making progress in their IEP. They are enjoying being in school and in class and that is huge! Thank you for helping my student succeed!”

-submitted by Rachel Ruiz

Holly Hilden

“Holly has done an outstanding job with the student athletes at our school. When we attend sporting events it is always well organized. She has done a great job with the 7th grade math students – they are learning a ton! It is always fun in her class! My student reports that the students in her class are always well behaved and listen to her. She has made math class fun for my student!”

-submitted by Rachel Ruiz

Brooke Imbach

“My daughters love being part of Wildcat TV. Every day they make a live presentation to the school. My daughter is learning how to produce a news show and how to be professional. She has practiced the scripts. She is having fun in class! Ms. Imbach is also the school librarian; she always helps if we have a question or problem with the Chromebook. The library is a fun place to be. My daughter likes to read books and she is always bringing a new one home.”

-submitted by Rachel Ruiz

Melissa Kahly

“In 6th grade my student had Ms. Kahly for reading. Ms.Kahly took my student who struggled in reading and writing (and frankly didn't like the subject) and taught them how to love reading and writing again! She made reading fun! They talked about how reading was not just completing worksheets, but reading and discussing the book and the topics discussed in the book. She made sure they were learning and not missing any school work. If my student had a bad grade or was missing something they were able to make it up. They love Ms. Kahly. She keeps things real and she makes sure students learn!”

-submitted by Rachel Ruiz

Jill Mulligan

“Ms. Mulligan has done a great job teaching my student during lunchtime. She is catching them up in their core classes and makes sure they are learning. She is teaching them the skills they are missing and need help with. She is always very patient with them and understanding. She knows how to teach them so that they learn and can carry those skills to the classroom. She has high expectations for my student. She wants the very best for them!”

-submitted by Rachel Ruiz

Jennifer Onsgard

“At lunchtime Ms. Onsgard has a writer's workshop class. Ms. Onsgard is a writer and has had several works published. She is also working on a book. Ms. Onsgard teaches my child how to approach writing and how to write for a variety of audiences. My child is excited at lunchtime so she can work with Ms. Onsgard. She is always telling me how their work is progressing and what they did in class. She is excited and looking forward to completing their work this school year. My daughter struggled in school with writing. Now she is making friends and learning how to write. I have noticed she is writing in notebooks and is always telling us about what ideas she has to write about.”

-submitted by Rachel Ruiz

Rachel Perez

“Ms. Perez is a great math teacher. My student has made great progress in her math class. She teaches math so that my student learns! She has a ton of sports stuff displayed in her class, which my student loves! My student is always telling me what they learned in class! I have seen my student make great growth in math on those district tests that they take. I know Ms. Perez is taking classes, and my student tells us how she has to be a student and also balance having fun (being a great role model). My student loves her class!”

-submitted by Rachel Ruiz


Lincoln Middle School

Antonio Ramirez III

“ ‘Mr. Tony,’ as he is referred to by his students, has made an incredible impact in the 8th grade history classroom at Lincoln Middle School. Students are always motivated to do projects, work well in groups, be cooperative and respectful, and are always prepared for the day. Although this is Mr. Tony's first year as a classroom teacher, he is motivated and moved by his students to take it one day at a time. Mrs. Katy Linden, Itinerant Mentor for RPS 205, has evaluated his classroom on several occasions and is also impressed on how well students are engaged and behaved. Mr. Tony's previous employment as an after school tutor and coordinator has given him the knowledge and empowerment to build relationships with challenging students and therefore, motivating him to continue his studies in education. He knows how important it is to have male representation in classrooms and how to be a mentor for all student needs. As he says to his individual students when a problem arises, ‘Together- we're going to figure this out!’ I am proud to share his accomplishments with everyone.”

-submitted by Araceli Villegas


RESA Middle School

Christina Barte

“She is just the most helpful and amazing teacher I have ever met.”

-submitted by Diego Sanchez

Timothy Buczkiewicz

“He was the best history teacher I ever had. He taught me everything I needed to know and he explained everything with clarity. I wish I could have him as my history teacher again.”

-submitted by Matthew Maciel

Thank You Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

Thank you, teachers! For Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day, we asked students, families and staff to thank their favorite RPS 205 teacher – and to tell us what makes them special. We’re sharing their responses on the 205 VIBE.

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