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We Appreciate RPS 205 Special Programs Teachers!

Angela Schmidt, Thurgood Marshall School

Angela Schmidt works with a Gifted Academy at Thurgood Marshall School student.


Gifted Academy at Thurgood Marshall Elementary

Tui Harned

“She is a nice teacher and helps me learn.”

-submitted by Li Beeman

Christine Harris

“She is such a kind hearted teacher. I love the way she makes every kid in her class so comfortable so that they can share anything and everything. My girl was a little shy and didn’t speak much, but she made her so confident and vocal. I really appreciate her efforts.”

-submitted by Preeti Verma


“Our family moved here from another state and our son was homeschooled last year. With all the changes and being in a classroom environment for the first time he struggled emotionally with a lot of change. Mrs. Harris is the perfect teacher for him. She effectively communicated some of the struggles he was having as well as helping to find solutions. Our son loves school and it's clear that she is a big part of his success.”

-submitted by Corey Hutchins

Abir Hussameldin

“I wanted to thank Mrs. Hussameldin for being the most supportive, helpful and amazing teacher. Her way of teaching is so good. She has always helped me to be a better person. Mrs. H understood my problem when I was working on a group project and made me feel respected, comfortable and confident. Thank you Mrs. H.”

-submitted by Aarav Raj

JeanMarie Johnson

“Thank you for being so kind.”

-submitted by Shruti Singh

Deborah Krug

“Mrs. Krug is a spectacular teacher. She's loving, kind, funny, and makes learning fun! I'm so glad she is my teacher this year!”

-submitted by Alexander Marinaro


“Thank you for being my teacher! You always help me learn things. You always say ‘bye’ to me at the end of the day! There is no other teacher like you! You are the best!”

-submitted by Kailey Berg

Jordan Shaver

“I really want to thank you for being kind and teaching me best.”

-submitted by Yashwin Singh


“I want to thank Mr. Shaver because he helps a lot and he calls on people a lot in a nice voice. He's nice. In math he calls on people that have been raising their hand quietly. I love school and being in his class.”

-submitted by Julian Bayne

Crystal Worley

“She is really nice and fun. I love to be in her class.”

-submitted John Schiro


“Ms. Worley has played a pivotal role in transforming my daughters into better students and even better human beings. Her hard work, dedication and attention to details when it comes to students' work deserves all the praise. We will miss her and the rest of the awesome Marshall elementary school staff. We wish her more success in life. RPS 205 is lucky to have teachers like Ms. Worley.”

-submitted by Sadaf Sameer


Gifted Academy at Thurgood Marshall School

Sherrill Pruitt

“I wanted to thank Ms. Pruitt because she is very kind and an awesome teacher. She prepares us so well for all our assignments and makes the assignments very fun and interesting. She makes me learn Social Studies in a very creative way. Ms. Pruitt makes the classroom very interactive and everyone likes to participate in all the class activities. Thank you Ms. Pruitt for being an amazing teacher.”

-submitted by Aarav Raj

Angela Schmidt

“Mrs. Schmidt was my 2nd grade teacher and I am lucky to have her as my 5th grade teacher too. I love her way of teaching. She makes her lessons fun-filled, engaging and entertaining. Mrs. Schmidt has always shown me how to be positive and get the best out of me. She has also given me the ideas to plan and work and not rush over things. Thank you Mrs. Schmidt. ❤️😊”

-submitted by Aarav Raj

Thank You Teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

Thank you, teachers! For Teacher Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Day, we asked students, families and staff to thank their favorite RPS 205 teacher – and to tell us what makes them special. We’re sharing their responses on the 205 VIBE.



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