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Auburn High School’s Mr. Pickerl ‘influences his students in amazing ways’

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These last two years of high school have been challenging for many students, including myself. However, there's one specific teacher who made this school year easier and more enjoyable.

My English teacher at Auburn High School, Mr. Pickerl, influences his students in amazing ways. Mr. Pickerl helped me realize my true talent for writing. He tells us when we’re good at something. He explains how much he cares about us and our education, and he helps us portray our true talents and prove we're smarter than we think. Mr. P has been a great teacher by helping his students through the hardships of the pandemic.

Thank you to Mr. Pickerl – and to every other teacher helping students through their hardships – for making sure we know we aren't alone.

Madelynn Bennett

Madelynn Bennett

Madelynn Bennett is a junior at Auburn High School.

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