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CEA Chicago Architecture Trip Inspires East High School Students

EHS CEA Chicago Architecture Trip

Our visit to the Field Museum was like going back in time and seeing things from all over the world. The exhibits taught us a lot about different cultures and the environment, and we realized that architecture can be a bridge between people and nature. We discovered how buildings can be designed to work with nature instead of against it, which is important when creating a city.

We then walked to Grant Park, with its beautiful green spaces and striking views. It was like an outdoor classroom where the things we had talked about in class were all there to see in person. We learned about urban planning and how to create a city that thrives while preserving its natural beauty.

Then came Millennium Park, even though the Cloud Gate was blocked off, we could still see how amazing it was and how this work of art reflected the architecture around it. We also were able to walk through Lurie Garden, which showed us how combining art and engineering can create magical public spaces. We saw people walking, talking, and sharing lunch in that area and realized how architects and engineers play a vital role in shaping not only the physical city but also the culture of a community.

We got to see Chicago's famous skyline up close during our boat tour that took us on an exciting journey out into Lake Michigan and along the Chicago River. We saw some of the city's most famous landmarks from a whole new angle. It was amazing to learn about the architectural history of the buildings we saw from the water, and it gave us a deeper appreciation for the city's skyline and the role of architects and engineers in creating these wonders.

This field trip was more than just a fun outing; it's something that will stick with us as we grow and learn throughout this year. We now have a bigger picture of what being an architect or civil engineer means, and we're excited to start working on our portfolio project in class.

Lydia Morris

My name is Lydia Morris. I am a senior in the production academy at Rockford East High School. Being a volunteer teacher’s assistant has encouraged me to pursue higher education. I am very interested in engineering and art and may pursue architecture as a career.