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Q&A with Auburn's Natasha Shrestha, Key Club International Trustee

Natasha Shrestha with Key Club

Auburn High School senior Natasha Shrestha was recently elected to the Key Club International Board of Trustees during the 2021 Key Club Summer Leadership Conference in Florida.
Key Club International, a student leadership program of Kiwanis International, has thousands of clubs for high school students in more than 38 countries, making it the world's largest student-led organization. Students learn leadership skills while volunteering in their schools and communities, usually in partnership with their sponsoring Kiwanis club.  
Check out this Q&A with Natasha about her recent appointment, past experience with Key Club, and her plans for this school year.  
How did you first get involved in Key Club?
Coming into high school, I knew I wanted to get more involved with volunteering because I loved helping and supporting my community. After attending a few Key Club meetings and events, I knew I had found the perfect place for me to do just that. I loved how active my home club was in my city as well as in other aspects of Key Club, such as the district board. Key Club provided the best of both worlds, allowing members to fully experience service and leadership.  
Prior to this, I was a Key Club lieutenant governor and district committee chair in the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District of Kiwanis, plus secretary of the Auburn club. I decided to run for the international board because of my love for Key Club and I wanted to see the organization from a new perspective. 

After learning more about the position of International Trustee, I was excited by the idea of working with new districts across several states and countries and having the opportunity to experience the expansiveness of Key Club with work on our service partners and different international initiatives.  
What does the Auburn High School Key Club do?  
Auburn Key Club is known as one of the city's oldest and most active service clubs. Even at the state level, my advisers knew of our club for our service and leadership efforts. Auburn Key Club regularly helps at a variety of service events, like the Greenwich Village Art Fair, Stroll on State and at the Boys and Girls Club. In addition, we often collaborate with the Kiwanis Club of Rockford, our wonderful sponsors. We meet every Friday, so if you're a student at Auburn, drop by! 
What kind of opportunities could this new position lead to?  
Currently, I'm setting aside dates for my travel plans! I have the opportunity to travel to all of my districts, Washington D.C., and other locations. Beyond travel, this position continues to gift me with experiences that I wouldn't have received anywhere else: I've been able to work with people from Jamaica to New York to Arizona, create promos, workshops, and engagement for our 230,000 members, and collaborate on programs with our partners like UNICEF. Just the other week, I had the opportunity to speak to the United States UN Youth Observer, which works on connecting young Americans to the United Nations. From the skills and experiences that I've gained from my time in Key Club, I feel more than prepared to tackle anything that comes my way. 
What are your plans or ideas after high school?  
I am working now on college applications, and I hope to pursue a career in law.
What sort of impact could the new role have on Rockford or Auburn High School?  
My four years of experience in Auburn High School’s Key Club have led to a slew of leadership and volunteer opportunities outside of Auburn and Rockford. When I first started high school, I never could've imagined myself in a position like this. I hope my new role can inspire more students in the Rockford area to pursue what they're passionate about and to take a leap of faith, even when it might seem terrifying.  
Without my experiences and lessons learned from Rockford and, more specifically Auburn, I wouldn't have been able to achieve this. I'm beyond grateful for my family for supporting me and the amazing staff at Auburn.

If you have any questions about my work as a trustee or how to get more involved in Key Club, don't hesitate to reach out! I could talk about Key Club forever — my email is   

Natasha Shrestha

Natasha Shrestha

Natasha Shrestha is a senior at Auburn High School.

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