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SSAC Dodgeball Tournament Connects RPS 205 High School Students

SSAC with dodgeball champions

It was a day to be remembered. The air was electric, the crowd entranced, and the sound of dodgeballs whizzing past each other filled the room. On March 12, high school students from across Rockford Public Schools gathered and competed to be crowned dodgeball champions. The RPS 205 Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SSAC) organized the All-District Dodgeball Tournament held at Jefferson High School.
This event featured 11 teams, and students from different RPS 205 high schools bonded through friendly competition. At the end of the tournament, one team – The Average Joes – emerged victorious and earned the dodgeball champion title. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Jay Gupta

Jay Gupta

Jay Gupta is a senior at Auburn High School and has been a Rockford Public Schools student since first grade. As a member of the SSAC, Jay engages with diverse student voices and provides input on district initiatives to positively impact the school community. He hopes to strengthen communication and collaboration between the RPS 205 administration and the student population.

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