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Student Ambassador Excited to Show Community What West is Really Like

West Middle School student ambassadors

​My name is Qu’ran Haynes, and I am an eighth grader at West Middle School. When I found out that I was selected to be a student ambassador, I glowed in many different ways. I realized I was considered one of the leaders of West Middle School, and I had to set a great example for sixth and seventh graders coming to West.

Being a student ambassador is about more than being a student. You get to meet many people, like men and women from the district office and others from the community who want to know more about your school. Have you ever heard a stereotype about your school that wasn’t true? If you’re a student ambassador, you have a chance to change that by showing people all the great things going on in your school. 

One of my favorite memories as a student ambassador was when I got to see the Friends of West Memorabilia Room. I got to see the history of our school, and it made me feel more connected to it. I recommend being a student ambassador to other students, because it’s a way to express yourself and open the eyes of the community to what your school is really like.

Qu’ran Haynes  bio photo

Qu'ran Haynes

Qu'ran Haynes is 14 years old and attends West Middle School.

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