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Choosing what's best for our students

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Weighing all the options, the Rockford School District has decided to use emergency days instead of e-learning for all RPS 205 students for the remainder of the 23/24 school year.

“During the Pandemic our e-learning plan worked well for some of our high school and middle school students,” said Superintendent Dr. Ehren Jarrett. “But with our youngest students, there are unique challenges.”

As part of the school district’s commitment to open communication, the superintendent pointed to two specific issues we face with elementary and early childhood students and the prospect of e-learning.

“At the heart of our decision is number one, getting kids the devices they need,” explained Dr. Jarrett. “And two, creating equitable wi-fi access at home, especially for our most vulnerable kids.”

The district has mobilized an e-learning task force comprising of teachers, principals, and administrators with the sole focus of solving these unique challenges.

“We’re not saying ‘no’ to e-learning,” said Dr. Jarrett. “We just want to get it right.”

While the task force looks at solutions, the school district is contemplating a variety of approaches in the short term, including flexible days, adjustments to the calendar year and other alternative plans.

“Our priority is always the well-being and education of our students,” explained Dr. Jarrett. “So, I ask for your patience, understanding, and your help, as we navigate the best way forward, together.”