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Report card shows Rockford schools moving in the right direction

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ROCKFORD, IL - The Illinois State Board of Education just released its annual Illinois Report Card featuring steady improvement for Rockford Public Schools during the 2022-23 school year.

“All of us at the Rockford School District are excited about the progress we’re making,” said Superintendent Ehren Jarrett. “But as educators and community leaders, we know we have work to do.”

Among the achievements last year, the report shows that 3rd Grade literacy and math scores are up, middle school and high school freshman are performing on track with all Illinois schools, and our graduation rate rose to nearly 70 percent.

Community residents are encouraged to visit for a complete look at how the district and specific neighborhood schools are doing.

“As a community, as a district, we’ve come together to help our children succeed. That’s what this report card shows,” said Dr Jarrett.

The Rockford School District strives to forge strong bonds with families and the community to create better educational experiences for each and every student.

“Our educators and administrators are passionate, caring people working day-in, day-out to deliver the kind of schools we can all be proud of.”

The district uses the state report card as a snapshot of current progress.

“Schools are more than test scores and report cards,” added Dr. Jarrett. “The work we’re doing is a journey with our community partners.”

According to the school district, the report card is a chance to celebrate success while committing to the work ahead.  

“This is about setting our children up for a successful future,” offered Dr Jarrett. “And that’s exactly what we’re doing here in Rockford.”