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RPS 205 Tip-Off Classic Returns This Month

Rockford Public Schools will again host the boys basketball Tip-Off Classic later this month. The 14-team tournament was on hiatus last season because of the ongoing pandemic. This year’s teams include first-time participants Winnebago High School and a handful of teams from the Chicago area.  

“Hosting the Tip-Off every year is a tremendous opportunity for our kids and our programs,” said East High School head basketball coach Roy Sackmaster. “This year there is an extra enthusiasm surrounding the anticipation of knowing that we will be playing basketball in our home gym a short time from now. We have high expectations this season, and this tournament will show us exactly where we’re at going into the regular season.” 

Follow this link for the complete schedule.  

Beyond Basketball on the 205 VIBE. How coaches and athletic directors worked together to include Chicago’s Bogan Computer Technical High School basketball team in the 2021 Tip-Off Classic.

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